a lil bit of whining


KABOOOM!!! bullets and bombs flying everywhere~~ aaaargh~! the tanks are coming in! no NO! stop it! Yamete kurei!! AAARRGGGHHH~~

History paper 2 is a quite a catastrophe =_=

*after the exam*


this is the first History test that i goreng alot of kueh tiaw, kolomee, even got rojak.. added in some more spices..threw some shit init...and out come a very delicious duno wad 'sai'!

it's not like i didnt study histrory at all. in fact, I'D READ IT FOR LIKE 6 TIMES ALREADY!!! it's just that, the questions that came out were all very unexpected questions...n most of the time we needed to really goreng our brain n pulled out sumthing to write. so ok, i did manage to answer them all. say... 60-40. 40% goreng, 60% truely know the answer. eeeesh, i really hope that the 'food' that i cooked just now suits the examiner's appetite.

really, this year's history paper is more difficult than the last years. how do i know? coz i'd seen last year's papers and the questions they asked are more STRAIGHT FOWARD! not like this year one...the questions were like beating around the bush, made us pening kepala nia. n the way they ask also very VERY different from the past years >.<

put History aside. it's over. can burn them. i already forget all those stuff i'd learnt. Muaha! lets talk about english paper.

i think i screwed up my essay.


that's it! why do i have to always feel so uneasy whenever i finished an essay?? chinese oso lidat! today i did the question that want us to write a story with the ending like this " If only i was careful etc, thn that would never have happened." n i wrote i was jungle trekkin with my frens...thn crawl into a small cave..i was the last one to climb in...bumped my head into sth....released ny hands from the rope to rub my head....thn i was lost + stuck in a small narrow cave...my torch suddenly lost too...thn i became nervous + frightened so on n so forth...thn collapsed...woke up in the hospital n the end.

again, the story may sounds OK, but i kinda rushed tru this essay and when i reread my story again..it seemed like the way i wrote the story was like...so messy! sth suddenly happen here and the next moment another thing suddenly happened sumwhere else..like...NOT SMOOTH la! honestly, i'm so worried about my essay~~

as for the BM paper. paper 1 eesay part still ok. PBK let us did b4 one :) the benefits of ICT!! weee~~~ sud be no problem la. thn came the second paper....b4 this, all of us just paid attention to the literature n novel part, n left the grammar part aside. goddamn knows that the grammar part was such like hell for us. esp the proverbs one. my mind was nothing but b-l-a-n-k when i read all the 3 questions. the only proverbs that i could think at that time were the ones that we always use, those PBK always gav us one. but no~~~ none of the proverbs i know fits into the situations that were asked in the questions!!!! O.O''' some of my frens left it blank. but i at least i got goreng them.....


let bygones be bygones. it's not the end of the world. in fact...


time to celebrate abit, as tomorrow's paper is Modern Maths :p

look what this is...*evil grin*


yep! it 's the official movie poster for Harry Potter *my love~* and the Order of the Phoenix. aiyayaya~ cant wait la!

n look what this is........hiakhiakhiakhiak

*eiChi has just fainted, so this post shall end here*


Pink Cotton said...


daniel radcliffe kissing??!!?!?!?!!?!?

shud b CHO CHANG LO??




hey good luck in ur spm ya...don worry abt the papers which you've done la :P

SOn said...

wah 60% is good liao leh.. lol y the poster got 07/13/07 ? Got 13th month.. haha ur tank pic is very nice.

eiChi said...

@pink cotton : of coz is Cho la~ :D n they NG it for like 30++ times. ngaiti~ tat katie leung really lucky arr~ *drools*

@son : it is 13th July 07 la :p n the tank pic, duno if i drew it the right way o not. hehe.

wenLi said...

awwwww.......I'm kinda jeles+envy+wanna bash CHO CHANG UP!!..just kidding, I'll be fine..yes...URGH, pray hard they wud launch the movie earlier..DAAA!! (losing my head)

lianshen said...

hey..is that harry potter with hermione ? haha

they shouldn't kiss !

eiChi said...

lianshen! u sud at least watch the movie la! tat is CHO CHANG! hermione is with Ron~~~ :p