Midnight Crap

1.09 a.m.

reading form 5 Bio last chapter n is still waiting for my sis to come back with my porridge =_=

yaya, my sis came back from KL on Thursday. n now i have to sleep on the floor again..like the japanese. if only there's a Doraemon in my closet XD

anyway... the reason my sis returns to Kch is to attend her best friend's wedding. yup yup. a wedding...her best friend....a sweet 'jie jie' tat always come to our house n chit chat with my sis, since their secondary school days. n now she's married..just 24 yrs old...=_= heck.

it's creepy u know? last time i was still seeing her wearing the school uniform n having SPM with my sis n now.... holy crap. it's just so creepy O.o'''!!! she just suddenly seems so old >.< i dont want to get married in da future. but even if changed my view in the end, i also wouldnt want to get married at such a young age...gosh..24...i still wana play n hav fun O.O'''

anyway, it's her life n not mine afterall :p she has found her man that also loves her back. they are a happy couple. plus, her husband is 7 or 8 yrs older thn her n has very very very good backgrounds *winks* so...may they live happily ever after :DDDDD

oo, i heard the front gate opened. YAY! sis is back! Porridge!!!! :D

1.30 a.m.


Pink Cotton said...


u don wanna get married?!?



let nature takes its course lo...

anyway...GOOD LUCK ON UR LAST PAPER!!!kekeke heard it from helibely

eiChi said...

pink cotton~~!!!!

yaya. i'm sure tat i;m not gona get married in the future! muahahaha!

nyway, SPM is OVER!!!! XD