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Elfen Lied. just finished watching all 13 episodes of it. and... it's not as gross/cruel/scary as what the others had said... =_=''' even though the way people get murdered in the story is got their limbs and torso ripped off (sum even beheaded) by powerful 'mutants' that are born to erase humanity. n thn all the blood come 'splashing' out like what..more organs... if it is animated in a more realistic one, thn maybe i'll find it really really gross and brutal. besides, there are alot of explicit nudity inside...what the??? luckily i'm not so innocent anymore! lol.... but still, the storyline is quite good la...ending also very sad...*sob sob* the 'mutants' or the so called ' diclonius' (coz they got two horns on their head) had a very miserable past and had suffered alot. they are being mistreated by humans, so in the end..killing is the only way for them to have a better life...?? just go check with the wikipedia la...

and Code Geass!!! it's like Gundam Seed alot!! with mobile suits like Gundam (Lancelot is what they call them in Code Geass). just that, Code Geass is more to evil tactics rather thn simply shoot here shoot there. n the good main character actually has a very evil and damn smart brain!!! he is an evil cruel good genius!!! i only watched until epi 4 but i can smell the good stuff coming from the back oledy..yummy..... aaaannnnd~~ the characters and art are all designed and drawn by CLAMP!!!!!! weeeee~~~ CLAMP rules~ love their art alot!!!

and don't forget about Black Lagoon also! good anime! with mafias and lotsa gunsss inside! muahaha..got crazy killer too..using electric saw to slice ppl up.also got psychotic incest simply murder ppl... i think this show is more brutal thn Elfen Lied, bcoz u actually see how they kill a person. whereas in Elfen Lied, the 'diclonius' just use their special power (which are many invisible and brutally strong hands) to ripped off thier opponents body. all u get to see is just the victims suddenly got their torsos cut into half in mid air. thn blood come spilling out... =_=''' oh btw!! the opening song for Black Lagoon is COOL!!!!! go 'gendou-ed' it!!! it's called Red Fraction!

ok, random anime review (which sux) ends here.

alot of assignments to do...6 mindmaps to be completed, 6 portraits of people to be done, using different types of lines, need to plan the project's journal... ... i need to change my printer >:( nothing amazing happens at school lately. drawing with pencils everyday...only many interesting and super damn funny things happen around me and my friends.... n i;m thinking of kidnap sumone to bring me to watch 300!


hannah said...

haha. code geass nice! thx to faye who intro 2 me. nudity....haha i got a rude shock too whn i watched midori no hibi....i din noe sum animes were lidat =P

eiChi said...

Midori no Hibi got meh? O.o''' nowadays there are alot of anime like this one liaw..*sigh*