long time no see XD

aaaah~~ finally...my beloved blog..I AM BACK!!!!!! :D hohoho! i'd only been away for 2 days but it feels like weeks to me X.X anyway, i duno how to start this post coz the things i'm gona update are totally random.

first, I HAVE FINISHED MY 13 SKETCHES!!! :D yay~~ no need to crack my head again for more ideas about myself! but now the next process for this Creative Studies Final Project is to transfer our final sketch into the BIG canvas... which length is from my head to my knee... aarrgh... where are my acrylic paints... =_='' n thn there's also the journal which i havent even started yet. gona write the rationale tonight since i had finalized my drawing. woot~ i've got a lot to tell about my painting~ :D i'll blog about it when i finish all of them, both the final canvas painting and the journal. *psst, Mr William told us that last year only had one guy got an A for this project and also for the entire sem. n i'd seen his painting... man.. that increase my greed and will to produce a better (or if can, a best) painting this time. and get an A+!!! my god... =_=''')

second. huiwen asked me to put up my Life Drawing for last week, where i did the old shop houses one. well, here it is :)
this bloody drawing took me 2 nights to finish. one night for the outline. the other for shading. and i say shading is so much fun and easier thn doing the outline. i was totally absolutely very 'pek chek' when i first sketch this drawing!!! really! i dunno y but i really felt so frustrated that night when i did the drawing. until i had to leave it aside and online until the hatred had faded away thn i baru start again. and thank god that Mr William didnt ask us to draw the cars and roads as well. that will be really horrible and vegetable. n guess where he's taking us youngster tomorrow for another 'happy' life drawing? the court house opposite Waterfront. aaaaand! no pencils and erasers and rulers. just 3 color pencils. 1 colored, 1 black and 1 white. we are going to do perspective on the paper with the color pencil without any ruler. this sucks... alot X.X prepare for tomorrow~~ muahahahahaha

third. ArcAngel wana see me brag about my appearance in both Eastern Times and Borneo Post. so here it is..i'd scanned the article. just click the image to enlarge. i'm lazy to summarise the whole article.

and erm.. no..i didnt ask for this interview on me. they just practically want me to bcome the bait to attract more talented people to come. but of coz i'm owez willing to help lah... who wouldnt if u can be in the newspaper? :p

fourth. yesterday i hadnt got time to update my blog, but i had the time to hang out at The Junk with my LUCT friends and seniors - Brennan, Jim, Natasha@Yen and Dexter. but hey~ i can actually relax my mind just chit chatting away with my pals. if i came to write a post, i might use up all my brain energy and has no more left to finish my sketches. anyway, that was the first time i've been into The Junk. all ang mohs inside, and all the dishes very expensive ones... dang..ordered tiramisu shake btw. i had a good time with all of them, even though it's just the 5 of us. we talked about almost everything, even sex (yea, we are very open. but me n Natasha were more reserved when we came to this topic. no sex before marriage! but the guys dont think so... perverts.. :p)
left to right: Jim, my class joker. Natasha@Yen, my senior who's also an anime/jap freak like me, and Brennan, my class representative. Dexter was the camera man XD

after the dinner we went to Tun Jugah for a walk. most of us were just window shopping (all of them tried sth on me, like sunglasses, classy jackets etc n they all agreed i have the diva look and can be one... O.o''' ok.. i might consider it for my next photoshoot XD ) and Dexter really is a shopper and erm.. looooves to pamper his looks :p really. he can choose the sunglasses for quite a long time and starring into the mirror... enjoying his reflection. but he's not the ah beng or sissy type. i actually admire his style of clothing. :) he has the money, he knows what to buy, and he really knows how to make himself look unique and good and gorgeous. yea, i salute this guy. first time ever i saw a guy that knows how to make himself look stylish and smart with all the accessories without having any ah beng look in it!

oklah, i think thats all for today lah. i'm kinda sleepy now. must wake up fresh and energetic for d life drawing tomolo X.X i;m yawning....


thwen said...

Hey Ei Chi!

*laughs* Thanks for posting the sketch up! Really enjoyed observing the pencil strokes. Hmm, I didn't know Life Drawing is going to be so hard... No rulers or erasers?! Woah, this is an army camp for artists!

All the best, Ei Chi. You can do it! You have talent while I have none, haha!

Cheers, Hui Wen =)

eiChi said...

thnx gurl! yep. Life Drawing is ain't easy! X.X we easily get frustrated every Tuesday XD n who say u dont hav any talent? u have the talent for photography!!! :D i love all ur photos!