i just post for the sake of posting :p so random

muahahahaha~~ it's 12. 15 a.m~~ mahahahahahaha i just drank a cup of hot nescafe! so don't expect me to sleep at this hour! hohoho! last night i drank one too and i only felt sleepy at 3 sth a.m. Amazing!!! i love coffee!!! :D bcoz of coffee my 15 sketches n fashion design thingy are both 80% completed! just in 2 days! buahahahahaha~~

ok, sorry i was bragging about my in-human speed *ehem* although i must admit that i'm a slowpoke when it comes to eating. i need time to enjoy and digest my food properly. mahahaha! i'm laughing alot... i think it might be the side-effect or drinking coffee at night time. just now when i was playing maple with hilary, i kept laughing too. evil laugh summore. like this. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

btw, there are different types of evil laughter *i'm an expert at evil laughing. dont believe you can ask my pals. last time during a school play, EVERYONE pointed at me when the teacher asked who should be the witch, just because they can't laugh evilly like me* back to topic. one, BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 2. MAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 3. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 4. HIAKHIAKHIAKHIAKHIAK. 5. HOHOHOHOHO. 6. WAKAKAKAKAKAKA. 7. NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA 8. YIHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. 9. YIAKYIAKYIAKYIAKYIAK. 10. HYUHYUHYUHYUHYU (ok, this may not be evil..more to the grimace type... you know...when you got some evil plans in mind)....

anyway, i just realised that..it's been a loooooong time since i blog this way. just crack out everything that pops in my mind. last time when i blog like this was..erm... during SPM season?? i think.. result of stress??? O.o''' but i don't feel stressful at all... well.. maybe abit. about the group leader thingy. i am the group leader for 2 final assignments you see. and erm.. ... erm... i'm trying my best to make my group the best :) best best best. hopefully.

speaking of stress. MY WHITE HAIR COME OUT AGAIN!!!!O.o''' no no no. not bcause of too much stress. it's inside my gene already..the gene to grow white hair without any reason =_='' inherited from my mother side. hmm.. i'm gona cut my hair real short and dye it again! nyahahahahahha~~ now my hair is longer and is out of shape @.@ eeeeesh.. i want cool short hair!!! XD

and do you know that kids these days are abit too fast sometimes? fast as in their realization of the effects of hormone thingy. XD i was happily mapling without hilary last Sun. thn a guy wanted me to 'party' with him. so that can gain experience and level up faster. so both of us just travel together and KILL!!!! :D until we started to chat. he's from Johor. 11 years old. *note, he's just 11* n thn he suddenly sed "I think you like me"..... uhuh..so?? i like everyone. this is what i sed to him. "Thn you love me." he continued. O.O''' wtf??? ok ok, i love him as a lil brother :D thn he kept calling me 'honey'..... eeeewwwwww~~~ i'd rather prefer him to call me 'sama' (Jap language, meaning sth like ur highness?? u know... more upper rank one :D) XD so i told him to stop calling me 'honey'. aaaand~~ lastly, "do u wana be my gf?" ooooooooo... is he just 11?? coz during my time when i was 11, all of us were still kinda oblivious to this kinda thing. so i playfully sed "don't want". and he kept asking why? i told him i hate BGR (boy-girl relationship) which is true. he told me to give him a chance, try to be his gf (btw, he KNEW i'm older thn him) ......... he just kept asking n asking... gah~~~ luckily he grew tired in the end. it's ok if it;s just a joke. but a 11 year old kid..... i shudder to think what a 12 or 13 yr old girl would do now...don't tell me.... O.o''' *gasp*!!!!!

hey! what are you thinking? XD i'm too orange-minded sometimes. hohohoho~~~

oh boy, this post is too random! hahahahahhaha~~ I LOVE COFFEE~~~

ok, nothing comes out in my mind now- hey wait.

TOMORROW I'M GOING TO WATCH SPIDER!!!!!!!!! :D weeeeee~~~~ Peter Parker!! Spidey~~ oooo~~ i'm so curious on how wicked the dark side of Spiderman would be XD the black spidey!! hyuhyuhyuhyu~~

and erm.. i just remembered. kuro n yume doesnt really know what;s the meaning of 'tag' (in term of blogging la) . so hereby i shall explain to them!!! well actually i also duno how to say it :p forgive me. i'll try my best lah. so it's just like you are playing the kindergarten game 'tag'. like previously it was my fren Faye who did the questionnaire. after finished answering them she needed to find some victims. so she came to me (literally) and tagged me, so i had to do it too! n now i'd finished mine also, my victims are yume, kuro and brennan!!! wakakaka! so after you guys did them, just add sth like this at the back "i'm tagging XXX and XXX". or just go to ur fren's chatter box and type "Buhaahahah~ u've been tag!!!"

erm... i think tat's the explanation =_+'''

oklah, 1 a.m liaw. need to continue with my designs. LUCT Fashion Show 2007~ here i come! buahahahahaha XD

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Sabrina said...

Lol.. when you said mapling.. I thought it was the kind of maple that I was doing. It's just that yours is an online game, mine is a mathematic engineering software. :p

I love coffee too, but don't know why when I drink it at night I'll sleep more soundly. Hahaha.. weird me