kena High Voltage.
*i want Minutes to Midnight!!!!*

- was having a high fever the on Monday.
- struggled with Life Drawing Final on Tuesday.
- run around the campus searching for Mr William on Wednesday. and most lecturers had a bad mojo that day. wonder why.
- everything about batik bag on Thursday.
- as for today. went to GRSS in the morning. why? to borrow the batik materials from Pn. Leton. to get my Yayasan money. and let Putit 'chop' my photostated report card. in the end, i found out :
1. today was GRSS teacher's day
2. most teachers still remember me (duh~). greeted alot of them. too bad didnt see Mr Ang at all.
3. most students still remember me, lalala. both seniors and juniors.
4. Terrence, Mee kok,Ee Hung, Kiat Yeong, Gordan, Josephine, Fanny, Ying Ying, Chiao Mon, Charlotte, Samuel, Kian Wee, n etc are continuing with Form 6.
5. and they are preparing a very funny play for the teachers day (except for terrence n mee kok)
6. and Daniel Yong has become a greenian. ooooo

i shall post the video of their play up. but not today. instead.....

look clearly on the words. it says.. no, my big bro Ivan says :" you! 7 early 8 early. don't talk 3 talk 4" just translate it into chinese..bahahahahaha

Farris from Norway is camera-shy~! wakakakakaka!!!!!! cute pose though.

errr..Awang is erm.. looking sadly at his paintbrush :" why cant u just listen to what i say??"

Brennan! don't act cute!!! XD

say Hello to my wonderful group members~! :D Wie Nie, don't act cute also! XD

Jim and Chain. n Chain is caught red-handed for throwing rubber at ppl!!! bwahahaha! see his hand holding sth small?? huh! chain! now u still dare say u dont throw rubber at ppl! Jim also!!! XD

and his biggest Idol is Stephen Chow....

today i'm not crazy enough to make a long post. lalalala


Parasite Farris said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! It be me!! EXTERMINATE!! *shotgunning the screen* Aw carp... Me compy! *sob*

HA! So they be them fiends who are throwing rubber...!!

I actually knew, haha.

eiChi said...

wahahahaha~! mend ur compy mend ur compy!! XD n so u knew?? wahaha! bet u also wana throw the rubber with them XD