blind to see

i have always disliked politics since young. well, who doesnt? except for politicians, duh~

anyway, currently the 'politics' in my campus isn't really that pretty. they act irrationally, driven by their emotions. Their actions may bring out good consequences, but the chances for that to happen will be less than 50%. besides, they could just ignore the sources of all problems and continue with the peaceful life. i mean, it's your life. why make it complicated when you can actually just let it pass and maintain the life you want?

it's quite nasty and they acted without our consent, causing more troubles.

i don't really care what happen to the 'politics' of the campus. what happen to them is none of my business. i just wana study and have fun. but i cant just let some of my buddies suffer because of it and leave them there.

those who knows what really happen and by chance is reading my blog now, don't flame me or whatsoever. i'm just merely stating my opinions at MY blog.

oh gosh, i just wish sem 2 is starting soon XD cant wait to see what the lecturers have prepared for us :p seniors had told me that sem 2 is all about quantity. oh well, i can handle it, muahahaha! i hope. hehe. as long as my speed is maintained then nothing is impossible for me :p

something to share!

Rayman Raving Rabbids again! :D


cute. i'm gona download the game someday this year! mahahahahaha

and i've been visiting arcade recently. together with Bren, Yen and Jim. Bren n Jim are just obsessed with Initial D (esp Jim. i really wana nasihat him for not wasting SO much money on tat game) while me n Yen just play the cheap (as in just 1 token) game Soul Caliber Conquest. n ooh~ my character is power~~ her name is Taki n gosh! be afraid of her long legs! they kick well and will send you to hell XD i also got play Initial D, only once in a while. I WANA SAVE MONEY MAN!!!! Bren sed i have talent. but.. i just only played 5/6 times nia.... anyway, i admit tat my drifting is not tat bad.. for a noob la =_='''' n gosh! Bren found a video in Youtube just now and both of us were like.... holy sh*t....

this guy sure is pro n even know how to drift properly in a game, n using gear 6 all the way. swt.... *bows*

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