*smiling sheepishly*

i finally got a copy of cracked Open Canvas!!!!!!!!! Hurraaaay~!!!! now i have the will to draw more and improve my skills!!! Open Canvas is really a great tool for lazy Digital Illustrators like me! hahaha XD well, i still use photoshop for some extra effects on the pic. so.. both softwares are equally dear to me!!!

thanks to Rolla for giving me the cracked software XD

did another version of 'I Want You Child' (this was the name for my artwork in the previous post)

this time it's the Ice Queen wanting to do something evil to the boy.. muahahahahaha see the blood~~?? *smirk* ok. i'm sick. mentally. first drawn the panty girl and now the bloodiness.. my mum shook her head when i showed her these 2 pieces. LOL. oh btw, i was lay to do the perfect clean line art so i just go with the original sketch... hehe..

ok ok. time to blog about the Cosplay gathering on Christmas Day. :P and Kiam demanded more pictures! lol XD

it's just a normal gathering among the Cosworld people. not many ppl cosplayed that day and most of them turned up late :p kesian Hilary and Chris who went quite early and werent able to meet many cosplayers yet XD

well, i wont say it's super fun, but i'm really glad that i went. coz u know why?? i was able to make friend with a The One Academy student who IS room mate with KIDCHAN!!!!! O.O''' those who have a deviantart account must have known of her for her super duper good artworks. she is my 'sensei' in Digital Art. really, i study at her artworks for inspirations and colour references. anyway. the one i met is a girl named Zymz (of coz.. this is just a screen name) and we talked alot about the Comic Fiesta (although i didnt went, but she's part of the organizers) and also KidChan.. lol.. and animes n etc. thn we exchanged email address.. i even asked for Kidchan's email add XD LOL~! waaaa~~

ok! back to the gathering. i guess i;ll just post up the pictures enough la :p

erm.. this is NOT cosplay. me n yen n Kim n Aina went there quite early n there were ppl taking wedding photographs so i joined in also. LOL of coz i'd asked permissions from them =__=

Yen poses while waiting for the ppl to arrive. XD yen, dont sue me for posting this up XD

Kim as Luffy (one piece)

this is Zymz :) her deviant art is here :D

Mat looking at pictures of kittens.. aaww~~ cute XD

and Yen wana have the pictures too :p tat's Swing at the back :p

mika mika kiam kiam mika mika kiam kiam~ XD

this pic is funneh~in some way XD

weeee~~ friendship park!!!

Mat looks like he's ready for war...

erm.. Jimmy and Haru arrived... and Lance face-palmed again...

Jimmy playing violin!!!

Haru's playingher voilin! XD

say hello to Matthew :D

advertisement for hair spray? look at what he's holding XD

Cannet's Naruto was on leave that day XD

i really duno what happen to him :p

see? Lance face-palmed again XD Yen! what did u do? lol

group photo~! wheeeee~~

the 3 musketeers

and the lucky Luffy :p

erm... guys.. dont think too much. it's the angle~!! the angle!!!

readying for the video shoot :P

this photo got commented as good shot by Mr Analog so i put it here XD lol!

wheee~~ going in circles~~

playing with the shadows :p

erm..Swing was going to smack Yen's head when she's just lafing???!! XD

now it's Cannet's turn to use the hammer thing :p

Lance turned gay for a few minutes. omigosh.. the neon pink... O.O''''

looks like Lance is a royalty strolling around town on Christmas and giving Colonel sweets. jk jk :p

last but not least. to end the day and this post. Colonel pulled out Kiam's baton and pointed it at someone's stomach. assault!!!! XD




nerdrazor said...

Mika looks like he was deep fried.

And the last photo... is that yaoi?

SH Wee @ AK said...

"mika mika kiam kiam mika mika kiam kiam~ XD"

shud add in maki, kami...

maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam maki mika kami kiam... 'kima'


eiChi said...

@nerdrazor: hehe// probably.. XD

@kiam: LOL!!!!! wtf!!! that is one hell long of a chant!!! XD