2nd day of May...

ah.. May already... I'M GOING BACK TO KUCHING SOOOOOON~~~~ :D

when i go back to Kuching, i must eat laksa until i become sick again; i wana eat pork leg rice too, thn also kolo mee; i wana kick my dog Meeko's tail thn pat his head; i'll drag Yen out and glomp her to death; i'll go and find my wife Chain Chain and kacau him again; i'm gonna go arcade and play Initial D until i 'song'; watch TV!!!!; i'll tickle my dad's big round stomach; i'll bring my mum to shopping; i'll... i wana... oh! i wana hang out at Sarawak Plaza area!!! :D getting a bit sien at big shopping malls already. =_=

listening to Gorillaz's songs again. getting groovy, mahaha.

i was actually planning to sleep after a long day of.. pointless outings. well, not really pointless. went down to KLCC to linger inside Kinokuniya bookstore. the thing to blame is the bus. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrghhh~~~on the way back i had to wait for almost an hour for the bus to arrive and oh the damn traffic jam =_= i got home at 9.30 pm and experienced a painful headache. then tremendously tired after a bath, of coz i chose to sleep la, although it;s only 10 pm. well, it happened to be a bad choice though, coz i kept getting disturbance from my phone. first was Hilary, msg me about how bored he was, lol....... not long after trying to convince him that i really wana go to sleep, Brennan called me to ask about his stuff, so i got up from my bed and passed the stuff back to him. and when i thought i could have a peaceful sleep, my sister msg me saying that she knew i was tired, thn tell me to rest early... ... after that, i got up, got some milk to drink, and typing this thing now. i give up to sleep at this hour @.@

so just let me crap for awhile. kinda miss the 'Labrador' of my hostel/campus. you see, 2 months ago, me and Fion saw a guy with striking ash blonde hair (is there such color? bleached?) walking up the staircase. his hairstyle was really stylish and cool, and the first impression he gave me was he's an anime character coming into real life. i was about to tell Fion about this when she suddenly muttered 'Labrador'. since then, we've been referring to that guy as 'Labrador', and always saw him around the campus or at the hostel, eating at mamak. until recently, the 'Labrador' is gone O.O'''' man~ did he go and dye black his hair or what? too bad i only remember his ash blonde hair, not his face (man i'm cruel). aaaah~ i wana see his hair again XD

btw, there's this crap which i always wanted to blog about but forgot. it's about Chocolate Curry :p heard of such thing? bet you dont, coz it just happened inside my dream =_= it was a dream i had a few weeks after i moved in to Desaria. i was having this bizarre dream which i forgot most of the exciting parts, and then suddenly i appeared at somewhere like Hawaii.. u know, got the straw pondok or sth like that... thn got 4 hot guys (yes, i dreamed of hot guys, but faceless..too bad... i just know that their bodies were sizzling hot, i wish one would be Toma, the other would be Natsume.. thn maybe Kurosaki Ichigo...and the last one.. Tsuruga Ren from Skip Beat manga? lol) anyway, they were serving me with chocolate curry *smiling sheepishly* after that scene, i dreamed more but everything was blurred. until i woke up, and the first thing i muttered out was 'chocolate curry', and my room mate looked at me thought i was an idiot. lol....

but until today, i still remember this chocolate curry. i mean, woah, chocolate curry??? new recipe o wad? wana try it someday :p

finished this yesterday. took me one night plus another one whole day. remember i mentioned about my final assignment for Drawing module, where we are asked to do a pre-production journal of our games/animation? my journal is almost done and here is the animation poster (which is compulsory to do) for my animation, 'Helene'. (btw, my lecturer chose the poster staging for me. he likes this kind of layout)

yay~~~ my original character is back~~ with red hair and green eyes~!!!! :D lazy to type my storyline out now. it's just sth to do with past and future life (again) :p

done in Open Canvas and Photoshop, together with my faithful little mouse. notice that i was just using a real photo of a city and photoshoped it into my background. lol. (and this is my first time using OP to colour the sky~! :D) since the lecturer says 'free media + even CG' for this poster. lol XD hope he'll like it.

kk. till here. will update soon. wana play around first b4 i really go to sleep. XD