I'm at KL now. in front of my sis's office computer to be exact. she's out for a meeting anyway XD

arrived at 10.30 a.m this morning.

and i was like. sweat, this early morning i was still waking up in my own room, played around with my dog Meeko (i noticed tat he looovees to lick me O.O'''), and receive non-stop nagging and advises from my parents, esp my mum. now? i'm in another city already. i guess i'm still haven't get used to it =_='''

will be going to Pulau Redang tonight for 3 days. sis has prepared a pair of swimsuit for me, which at first glance i took it as a bikini, n i was zomg for a moment before i realised tat got cover at the waist part. yea.. all of us are really looking forward to this Youngblood Creation company trip (well, i was once their part-timer also XD) i'm gona take lots and lots of photos. i brought my normal digicam tripod. surprisingly it works with my big DSLR :D since the original big tripod is at my hostel...

i finally dyed my hair red btw. NO~! DON'T CALL ME A REDHEAD! XD it's not the striking red, but those kind of natural red that you'd find on westerners. hehehehehe... my mum called me ' monkey' when i got home....

alright. this is just a brief update.

the MY FM Icon Contest is coming to an end soon... and the result will come out..probably sometime next week. it's only a few days left before the closing date, so.. CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!! :D

thanks~! and Redang, here i come :D

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