my mum turned 5X yesterday~~ wOot~~

i'm still sad that i couldn't get her anything good, but at least i bought her roses :p

yay to Brennan and Yen for helping me to buy the wonderful roses~ thanks alot to you guys!!! :D *hugs* (yea, i was stuck in my room so i had to call for help)

ok. u might be thinking, 'what? just 3? y not buy a few more?' right. i have my budget and 3 roses mean 'I love you'..... aaaawwwwwww~ i'm so sweet XD

with glitters!!!

i think mum was surprised and touched at the same time when all three of us (me, Brennan, and Yen) sang Happy Birthday to her straight away she came out from the bathroom (nah~ with her clothes on)... well.. this was all we could do XD

anyway. moving on. i would like to express my gratitude to all those who had voted for me (or still continue to vote until end of July XD) in the MY FM icon design competition :) i'm really happy that i have many supportive friends who are willing to vote more than one time. *hugs all* and my family members too!!! well, i've seen the designs from the other contestants, got a few which are really nice. so to tell the truth i'm actually feeling a little bit nervous, i mean, lack of confidence ^.^''' but then, i'm also glad that my design is chosen as one of the top 10 finalists, out from 2500 ++ designs (yeah. well, according the website) i guess i'll just have to have my fingers cross all the time, and hope that a miracle would happen XD so KEEP VOTING! XD

watched Hancock today. cool movie, nice twist, and Will Smith is a great actor. alright, my vocab is deteriorating. i couldn't get the suitable word to describe his acting O.O''' must continue to read more books!!!! ok, back to the movie. i won't spill out any spoilers. this is just my opinion, and i think it is a good movie to be watched together with your family and friends, just to get away from your hectic life. it's not the kind of movie that'll make you go 'wow' for a few weeks like Transformers. but i must say that the plot is intriguing. it'll keep you hanging in the middle of the film but you'll get to expect the ending after that. hehe.. yea, end of my lousy review on the movie. :p

yea.. suddenly feel like eating cheese cake. i think i'll get my frens and crash into Secret Recipe one of these days.

ZOMG~! A FLY INSTEAD OF A BEE!!! or maybe its butter got melted completely under this hot hot HOTness sun.

ok. i'm just being random.

again! KEEP ON VOTING FOR ME :D :D :D weeeee~~

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