... it's time to fly back to KL again.... some part of me is wanting to stay back, and some part of me is eager to go there. arrgh~~ kagebunshin no jutsu!!!!! O.O'''

again.. i'm actually having a blogger's block now. and my current mode is.. random and hyper!! muahahahahahahahahahahak!! coz you know why? u wana know why??? becoz i drank a big glass of Kopi O, and had 4 rounds of Laser Tag with my friends. ohohohohoho~~~ it was damn fun!!!! i almost crashed together with Yen once, Brennan twice, Intel once, Azie once, and Kenan twice.. i think.. dint really crashed into Gerald and Wingle. i don't care if Intel and Brennan say that Paint Ball is better. i mean, Paint Ball is like RM 150 per session while Laser Tag is like, what? RM 4/6 XD even though playing Paint Ball is more shiok and realistic, but Laser Tag is also shiok enough for noobs like me :D I'M A NOOB!!!!!! oh btw, guess who i saw after we finished the game? oh my dear sweet Ivanna and Caryn~~~ ooh ivanna, how i miss our crazy days at ITS and PBK.

btw, i'm turning 19 soon. i hope this year's birthday will be crazy like hell sine i'm gona celebrate it in Cyberjaya. you know, just wana do something risky and adventurous :P don't worry, i know my limits XD probably just jump into the pool in the middle of the night and got haul up by the guard, tat's all :P or maybe.. maybe... just maybe *evil plans forming themselves in mind*

right. everything is packed. except for my PC. Intel!!! you gave me a small box for my CPU~! gonna find a way to fit my CPU in there, coz the boz i used last time was.. was... perished in war~!!! O.O''' ok, nth like tat. just koyak only. =_= oh oh oh~!!!! and guess what? my dear nii-san came back from HOKAIDO (yes, he went there for 10 days with his grandma) with OMIYAGEsss!!!! :D he bought me a BIG BIG BIG matsuri fan!!! gona hand carry it into the plane. i bet ppl will be starring at me on Thursday. lol~ he also bought me a t-shirt, from Hokaido man~~~ *sniff sniff the cloth* aaah~~ Japan material XD and also a small kendo keychain. :P waaah~~ thanks Brennan~~~ my onii-sama!!!! *waves the big matsuri fan enthusiastically* u guys wana see a picture of it? it's really huge!!! O.O'''

ok ok. tat's all. for the last post of July. tomolo cant go online anymore as my PC will be packed. thn on Thursday night i'll go to Pulau Redang with my sis n her co. only on Sunday that i'll be back, and Monday to hostel. i'm gona stick my big matsuri fan on my wall, so tat whenever i do my assignment, i'll have the matsuri spirit with me! HO! :D

so~ till then!

bye bye Kuching~ bye bye Sarawak Laksa~~ bye bye papa mama~~ bye bye my Kuching LimKokWing buddies~~ bye bye Akiyame members (must do the performance well ah!!) bye bye my Swinburne ka kia~~ bye bye to all my Kuching friends~~bye bye Monkey King~~ bye bye Meeko~~ bye bye my room~~ bye bye Streamyx~~~ bye bye my chao pillow~~ bye bye my hi-Fi ~~ bye bye my Harry Potter books *have to part with them again..sobs* bye bye my mum's cooking~~ bye bye.. I'LL SEE YOU ALL IN NOVEMBER!!!!! RAAAWWWRRRR!!!!


btw, do you guys keep on voting for me for the My FM icon competition. you should, man XD i really wana win this thing :P



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