head shot!

erm.. how should i put this.

i promise i'll find a time to blog about the Redang trip, and some other events that had happened in the past few days. just that, right now, my classes are all packed in just 3 days... from morning till late evening, like., 8pm O.O''' thn i got some job to rush... good opportunity one.. and gona try some more luck again in some design competition...

this year i'm gona at least achieve something big, in terms of money. all these years my sister has worked so hard to gain a better life for the whole family. even now. to tell the truth, i feel like i owe her too much. too much until guilt builds inside me at times. i really want to do something in return. but i'm not a working woman yet, that's the problem. everyday my mind is spinning around, thinking of ways to save money and earn extra money... i really don want to cause my sis too much trouble... it's like, i'm taking everything for granted, which i don want it to be.

so, i'm turning 19 tomolo, gona do some changes in me. grab opportunities as many as i can. 'upgrade' myself, and start to contribute something for my family.

i really wana do something big.

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