Warning~ not for the pure minded

right... so i was tagged by hana and i gotta fill these in. oh my, whoever that create this tag is so dead... but since i'm kinda in a good mood today (plus my perverted mind is already thinking of the truthful answers), i'm just gona play with it :p


this tag is specifically created to screw you up. When you are tagged, you must answer the tag and reply to what the question says, any illogical answers is not accepted and you cannot refuse to answer. a reply with none specific answer ie: "none" or "i don't know" or "cannot" or any other variations of them are not allowd.


like i care =_=..

1. If you would have to engage in sexual acts with a celebrity of the same sex, who would it be?

Emma Watson.
first- i am completely in love with her in this picture (its' the latest one)
second- i'm older then her so i could be the demanding one.. ohohoho
third- that messy look and sexy red puffy dress is too seducing to me, ok?
fourth- look at the room she's in. feel it.

hmm.. you cant be really thinking that i;m a les lar hor? i'm still straight and oh my Natsume is so hot! XD

2. If you were asked to strip naked and then be covered in a certain material for a photoshoot, what will it be? (note: clothing or any other variations is not acceptable, however cloth is)
material? does human skin count too? if that's so then i want a naked Toma or Natsume to be the 'material' on me. *sorry, cant show you the picture. too obscene for the under 18s :P*

3. If you and your husband/wife/life partner are bound up and are soon to be raped by a rapist, would you sacrifice your spouse? (note: only one can be saved)
ok, if the rapist is as hot as Natsume or Toma, probably i would consider to sacrifice myself. hey~~ i really love my hubby (if there is one) but, if it's some old guy then hubby, you now what to do. you cant just see your 'pretty' wife do it, can you? *evil smirks* cant help but being a little bit like Samantha from Sex n the City.. :p

4. Well, you are in New York city, ala Entourage or sex and the City, which yould you pursue? Lables or Love? and why?
Prada, Gucci, LV, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Burberry, Mix Sixty, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, CK, Dolce & Gabanna, Tod's, Chanel, YSL, Paul Frank... what? i have my BAZAAR magazine with me. at least most of them i typed without reffering...

and why? you ask why? It's New York man~ what i'm gona do there if i'm not pursuing labels? well, gaining experience is another thing. anyways, i'm a girl, and girl loves fashion, high fashion. teh only thins is, i would probably be purchasing them if i have a celebrity as a husband.

5. Name your favourite American Idol 7 finalist.
right.. i don't watch American idol. and yea i broke the rules. so what? rules are made to be broken anyways.

6. The Deserted Island question: Who would you bring?
hmmm...tough question. i guess it would be my sis. at least she'll jaga me and we can fool around together like when we were young, then forget all about the stressful world out there. aaaaand~ if i bring my sis, i think she'll decide to bring along her bf, then my mom n dad, then ah ching ah mei... so it's a one big family going to the deserted island! yay! and i'l probably be bringing my friends too!

ahahaha~ you think i'm just gona mention one person meh? the question didnt state that we must take one person only. ha!
7. Name one crazy thing you have done.
can't remember la. i've done too many crazy things. ok. here's one which happened when i was so young and innocent. i sucked my left arm. just imagine. when i think about it now i was like... ZOMG~~!! it looks like i'm doing a you-know-what that starts with the letter 'b'!! right. i'll explain. coz at that time, i saw kids same age as me sucking their thumbs, so i look at my left arm, which is shaped like a real big thumb...... so yeah... you get it...

8. To make things a little easier, future honeymoon destination?
inside a jungle. so we could do it like monkeys, making lots of noises.

seriously you know that it was a joke right? and i havent even thought about it yet! so just ask me in the future when i DO get married.

9. If you have superpowers, what would it be? money money money money money *continues to chant* or maybe i''ll have a Geass that will transform anything i see into money. $$$$

10. You get drunk, have sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone?

need i say more?

11. Name a classmate that you seriously hate on your high school senior year.
ahahahahahaahaha~~~!! there's this guy, not my classmate, but my senior. it was so much fun taunting him XD and now we are still friends. great, eh?

yeah, i just make myself forget to write the name :P

12. A position you would want to have in high school but can't achieve?
school principal. yea.. i wanted to take control of the whole school.

13. Name a classmate that you would want to join you in your current university as your classmate.
hmm.. come Hil, we go pentok the whole LimKokWing together. then we will be noted in history as the troublemakers that pentok the most tables in just one day.

14. Name a person you know you love but never truly appreciate.
Papa~~ I LOVE YOU!!!!

15. If given the chance to fully restore and revive someone from the dead, who would it be?
Richard Harris. i still love him as the gentle and wise Albus Dumbledore. seriously, i don't really like the current actor who plays Dumbledore. see~ i cant even remember his name!

16.If your life were a game, what would it be?
err... i dont play much games. so i guess i'll go for Maple Story. coz everything inside is cute (even the monsters) and i get to kill using a dagger and other super skills~ mahahahahaha~ i could be a rich and feared assassin in it!!!

17. Do you support gay marriages?
now.. i;m guessing whoever ask this question is a guy. so say, it's the same if i would have asked you, 'Do you support les marriages?'

to tell the truth, i dont really care. coz it's their life, not mine.

18. Do you prefer expensive, branded items or inferior, cheap items? Prada, Gucci, LV, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Burberry, Mix Sixty, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, CK, Dolce & Gabanna, Tod's, Chanel, YSL, Paul Frank.....

yeah i copy and pasted. but sometimes certain cheap items are adorable too. so i go for both.

19. if your life were a TV show, what would it be like?
too bad most of the Tv shows aren't up to my liking....

20. Last minute partner for a project?
someone who will show up immediately when i call. last minute eh, cannot waste time to think who to choose!

End of Tag

ok. i'm tagging no one. so thank me people. this tag has probably scare some of my younger readers away. lol!

wait. on second thought. i'm tagging this to Yen, Roza, Azie... ohohohohoho~~ how i miss kacau-ing you guys :P enjoy teh tag!


Ellie_pi said...

Toma atsui...yo!*SUFFERED 9999 damages at the pic*He is hot!*nosebleed...(T_T)

eiChi said...

lolz!!! are you a Toma fan too? haha :D