Out of the blue

'laziness' strikes!!!!

i tried so hard to counter it but still no use!!! it keeps attacking me!!!!

Aaaah!!!! OMG~! it's aiming a pillow at me!!! wait- its other hand is holding a stack of animes and movies... OH NOES!!! I SEE MY PINK RABBIT!!! MY PINK RABBIT IS BEEN HELD CAPTIVE!!!!

i rush to rescue my pink rabbit, but it shoves the pillow and animes+movies right on my face!

i fell backwards with a thud.. i lay on the ground... motionless... thn 'laziness' creeps itself to be on top of me.. and slowly enters my body...

hold it. before i continue. to those who think elsewhere, it's NOT what you think it is....

anyway. 'laziness' possesses me. making me forget all about my work.. and i can see my pink rabbit dancing happily in front of me. i join my pink rabbit and dance together. 'laziness' too.

my work? they are left by the side and due to my excitement in dancing, i accidentally kicked them and they flew away to God knows where...


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