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oh my... how should i start? everything seems to be going too fast for me to really sit down and slowly comprehend them. everything seems to be in a rush.

first there was the Raya holiday, which i stayed at my sister's place and help her with some of the work, and always stayed up until pretty late every night. on Raya day itself we went to Sunway Lagoon with one of my cousins, ah mei. and wow, it was packed with people~! all chinese, indian and tourists. we had to queued for almost an hour to get our tickets, but it's all worth it, coz we really had fun inside the theme park. and zomg~! i played the Pirate Ship!!! first in 19 years!!! people screamed of fear when the ship trurns 360 degrees, i screamed of excitement. too damn shiok for me. ok, lazy to give you details on our Sunway Lagoon adventure. i just wana say that, i want so much to go there again.

k, after the fun i got back to hostel. straight away did the assignments. couldnt manage to finish everything in the end =_= COZ THERE'S JUST TOO MANY TO DO!!!!!! T__________T they all seemed last minute..but .. let me just screw my assignment for the first time.

doing Animation is really a time consuming thing. you know, i didnt sleep for the whole night and continued doing it the next day, just to complete a rough 30 secs animation trailer sequence. it's just rough O.O''' i cant imaging how long it would take me to complete the final one with colours and smooth motions. making animation works has left me in DESPAIR!!!! T_________T aaaaaaarrrrghhhh.... *soulless*

E-Magazine is also another troublesome assignment. the layout has to be like a magazine but the size must be 800X600, a web page size. and you know it's always hard to fit the things you want in such a limited space. again it took me 2 sleepness night to just complete 2 pages of 800X600 spread of E-Magazine. and i still got more to do. submission would be in 2 weeks time. aaaaaaaaarrrrgghhhhh.... *soulless yet again*

as for digital imaging final assignment. urgh, i dont wanat talk about it. i have only 50% hope for this final outcome to be good and really the thing i want. and the submission is the week after next. gah!!!! PENTOK!!!!!! i really dont feel like doing this assignment T____T

ok. asisgnments aside. lets talk about something fun.. at least for me....

Code Geass R2 has ended!!!!! with Lelouch dies in the end!!!! bwaahahahahahaa~~ while some wuold surely argue that he didn't die... but for me, it's good that he ended that way. or else there would never be an end to the story. not that i hate him, in fact i love his character. just that, the story ended nicely.. making me feel pleased with Lelouch's decision to end his own life.

Macross Frontier has ended also!!!! n it's still not clear that whether Alto chooses Ranka or Sheryl.. ooooh~!!! *slaps Alto* don't be such a sissy oledy!!! O.O'''' anyway. like most animes, it ended happily with new world and happy wonderful stuff like that, i;m not that surprised. what i like most in the last episode is the remix of all Ranka and Sheryl's songs. it's great and astounding :)

MAOU!!!!! finally i got all the MAOU episodes from Mei Yi!!! thanks so much! *muacks and kiss Pooh Pooh also* watching the series really made me cries alot . ooh.. poor Toma a.k.a Naoto... he suffers so much T_____T so does Nanase-san too ... i recommend this series to you all1 really worth a watch :D

alright alright. it;s time for me to leave this place and concentrate on my assignments liaw...

preview of my 30% done e-magazine (will post up teh animation sequence later)

Entertainment Page

btw, the E-magazine we do is about called Limkokwing Life. .. ya... life.. limkokwing students.. stuff like tat =-=

and this is the student showcase page. bah, for your info, i'm not that vain. it's just a mock up to tell ppl that this page is for featuring limkokwing student :p

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