AFA 08' part 1

it's actually the 3rd of Dec, the day i finish this post. anyway... =_='''


i'm having a headache now. but i don't feel like sleeping early, so here i am, wanting to blog about my AFA08' trip.

ok. having to travel around the Singapore city alone most of time is a first experience to me. hereby i would like to say a big thank you to Faye's bf for giving me directions and information on getting from one place to the other. and also a big big thank you to my future brother-in-law's mum and sister for letting me stay at their place for 3 days. aaaannnd~ i managed to see my 3rd aunt who works as a lecturer at Singapore. we had 'brunch' together and had a good chat :) not to forget to thank my sister and parents also, for allowing me to go on this trip, although the latter was a bit reluctant at first XD

well, i wont be writing too much details on how i spent my days there b4 the AFA event, so i'll just do a photo blog instead, on what i see.. and thoughts :P

view from the National Library.. the 10th floor :P i like the building there, the red one. and it seems like a new building is going to be finished soon :) my sis love this view so much. she said got the 'Melburne' look. lol..

the Christmas tree of Raffles City. really, is Christmas decorations and atmosphere at Singapore is overwhelming! everywhere i go i'd hear Christmas songs and see Christmas decorations. making me wana buy some presents to celebrate the holiday too XD

Chijmes.. i think it spelled like this.. the place i mean... btw, nice shot Faye :) this photo was taken by Faye, usin my cam ^.^

Merry Christmas!!!!! :D

told you the Christmas atmosphere there is huge :P

their concept? a sweet Christmas :D

The Sweet Family~~ just right outside Yee Ann City

cupcake house! yummy! making me feeling hungry right now XD

and while sitting at the side of the fountain in front of Yee Ann City, suddenly there's this group of people appeared, giving out fliers...
ermm.. no comment XD

but i thought it was really interesting.... they are actually from a local salon.. i think.

anyway. enough with my Singapore 'sight-seeing' (actually there are more). lets move on with the highlight of my trip- AFA08'

you know, i was happy that i arrived rather early.. it starts at 10am, and i arrived at 9am. by then the crowd was overwhelming for me already. well... not until 9.30 am when the crowd was like...holy *toot*........

the ticketing booth. just wana show you how the booth looked like. i was a 'sakai' from Malaysia.

the queue. from the front to the back and the back to the front again. O.O''' told you i was happy to be there early.

that is Thelindra (the goth loli costume) with her friend, preparing for the event :) i want to wear her dress too! XD

Sailormoon :)

i was a stalker!!!! oh noes!!!! Ranka Lee and her brother Brera among the crowd!!!!

ok. i didnt take photos of the overall event hall.. coz i was too excited with what the booths had installed for us to see and buy=_=''' hehe....but i'll scan the map of the event hall when i got the time and edit this post :P

there were this section where they showcase figurines, Gunpla, and other anime merchandises. and this is Hatsune Miku!!! XD the famous among all Vocaloids.

ok. a big Gundam Exia displayed at the front of the BAKUC section.

sorry, i have no idea what it is called.

there's a section showcasing dolls... which i dont know the name. it's not D.O.C though. if it was D.O.D i probably would go nuts and attempt to steal one home. lol

ok. since i was just bz takin photos of the cosplayers. so here they are~~ cosplaysssssssssss!!!!

lacus clyne~~~ and a group of Code Geass cosplayers. well.. not really, they just work at the Code Geass booth.

... no idea.. and BOHAHAHAHAHAHA~

sorry.. i only know Lacus.. and i think the left one is from RO

at that time, the activity on the stage area was.. erm... Power Rangers... go go power rangers~~ lalalala~

random Harajuku.. cute and gothic Lolita girls :)

duno from which anime/manga.... in the right pic, from the left, Hinamori from Bleach, Road and Leenalee from D.Gray-man

erm.. wakaranai =_=''

more Lolita girls

the famous ones from Naruto...

Konata in Haruhi's sefuku, and one of the best CC cosplayer i've ever seen :)

awesome job on the Code Geass costume. and another Vocaloid spotted!!! ok. i admit. i duno her name :P

Akito~! or was it Agito? cant remember... anyways, the next one.. ehto.. i think one is from Saiyunkoku or wadever XD

just enjoy the photos.. :P

more~~ and i'm lazy to write. just see the photos XD

ok. here comes the juicy photos.. well.. for me.






RANKA AND BRERA~~ (different cosplayers from above)

Jesuke as Alto :P and Klan Klan is tooo sweet here :D

Sherul Nome times 2!!! @.@

trust me. they are PRO!!!!

ok. i have stop here for now. this post took me 5 days to finish, coz waiting for the photos to load is a very tiring thing =_=''' i'll do a part 2 for this and blog about the cosplay competition, n of coz, MAY'N mini live concert! XD

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chibichibizero said...

wah!!!! nice eichi...........GOOD JOB!!!..............but there are some mistake on some pic description.........hahahahahahaha just a minor 1.............the 21st pic.......the girl is cosplaying Meer not Lacus (the hair clip is different).........n the 25th pic is featuring High Priest from RO, Meer n Cagalli from Gundam Seed Destiny n the last 1 I also not so sure.......hahahahahahahaha........