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finished my animation work last night, including the digital journal. the only problem i faced was that my PC gime blue screen again (i had it on for 3 days straight, as i didnt sleep for 3 days), and that my PC.. or the motherboard, is just tooooo slooooww and old for me to convert my animation into .mov (Quicktime) file. the normal 33 seconds animation when converted to Quicktime, it becomes 58 secs.. O.O'' and when i convert the animation to avi file, omg, the video laaag like hell. seriously, it's my PC problem. coz when i try to convert my flash animation into .mov using Kee Ming's pc, it works.

anyway, my normal avi file workd on the lecturer's laptop. so yeah.. pass!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~ finally its all over~ i mean, the animation. :P muahahaha~~ will upload it into youtube when i get back to kch.

ok. tonigh is the night. going down to Singapore with Faye and her special one :) lol.. i promise i wont be a lightbulb for the 2 of them XD anyways, i almost don' have the chace to go on to this trip because of accomodation problem. Faye's uncle place is full... my 3rd Aunty who lives there is too busy to take me in (she has reasons, n i will also feel very paiseh if i go kacau her :P) .... and thsi afternoon i just recieved Thelindra's msg in msn saying that i can't stay at her place... so yeah... i ALMOST give up on this trip for the AFA08.... so where i'm gona stay? at my brother-in-law's family house at Sg. his sister lives there, so i'll just tumpang her :)

thank god....

it's holiday and i want to make it an exciting one!!!!


and for those who r still struggling with exams and assignments.


i'ma going to take lots and lots and LOTS of pictures :P

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