Rainy Day

it's been raining for 2 days straight already... ... rumor says that a flood is coming to town...

and my computer is fixed!!!! thanks to piaw XD *bows*

no moar virus!!!!!

alright.. and Nigel just told me how to view my last sem's results in LKW website... made me sibeh kintio... coz the subject i fear most is animation.... and then..


click to view large.

YATTA~~~ but seems like this semester got more A- compared to 1st sem.. lol! but hu cares~?! i still got all As. haha~ n my position in class is the top. *smilling sheepishly* must mantain my position >:3 eiChi swears to work harder, wiser, and creative-er this year!!! raaawwwrrrr~!!!!!

ok. it says 'unofficial' over there. but still.. it'll soon become 'official' ohohohohohoho :P

gambeteh gambateh~~~ everyone GAMBATEH!!! XD


neilwasabi said...

Haha, great to see your impressive result!

It seems that every thing in your life is impressive!

Haha! Keep on your hard work!

eiChi said...

waa. if everything thn i'll be on cloud 9 lo :P haha

anyway, thanks for letting me know about this, n also thanks for the support! :) you've done well too ^.^

hana said...


You have a 4.0 GPA omg I'm envious. My econ totally ruined mine *laments*

And hope you don't get caught up in a flood since I heard its been raining for like the last 24 hours or so.

Oh and nice drawing~ You make me wish meeting a bishie on a rainy day ^^

eichi said...

haha~! thanks, Hana :P about the flood, only my front porch kena. not serious enough to go into the house.

hehe.. bishie.. thn the bishie becomes massu/tegoshi. lol

hana said...

Yes. Like their Ai Ai Gasa song which is what your drawing immediately remind me of LOL.