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Spangle Call Lili Line - Russian Gothic Bold

the song matches the feeling that i would like to bring out in the photo. curious and innocent. the kitty just wana catch on of those floating thing and play with it.


yesterday went for a model photoshoot event origanized by the members in Photoborneo. the experience was fun, i'm so glad that i tagged along with Wingle and Lance, as i was able to meet the forum people in person. nearly all of them are older thn us by 4 or 5 years.. some even older i guess, can call big koko already XD

it was my first time to have a proper model photoshooting with so many avid photographers from Kuching. it's just.. crazy in a way XD we had 4 models to shoot, and there are more thn 20 of us. so we were divided into groups and took turn to shoot each model.

btw, the location they chose was at Pantai Puteri, wise choice i should say, coz the scenery there is really pretty =D plus, there was no rain yesterday!!!! only little drizzle by the end of the day, we were so lucky ^.^

ok. lazy to type more. just enjoy the photos :) (i'm just putting 2/3 of my best shots of them)

model#1 : Nolly

model#2: Sasha

model#3: Evelyn

model#4: Yvonne (Evelyn's sister)

i don't wana spam my blog with too many model photos :P

here's sth else for a change. PANORAMA SHOT!!! =D

RAAWWWRR~~~ feel the power of GOD~!!!!! XD

ok. i hvnt even finished cleaning my room yet!! =O

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Funkye said...

very nice photos!!!