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life with my new house mates has been great so far. we really cook and do things together! and within these few days i was introduced to many new things and knowledge that i have to cover soon.

how to say, i was somehow, excited and nervous. excited because i'm able to do and explore more; nervous because really this time, everything is too new to me. AfterEffects, Premiere, 3D Max, i still yet to get a hang on it. and by now i noticed that most of the lecturers are expecting something from me, after my former Cinema Language lecturer showed them the video i made for my final =_= it was. a bit stressing to know that... haha... i really have to keep up my standard and never stop improving.

create and filming a short movie; making a self-promo video; building a website for non-government organisation; render a 3D model of a complicated building; these are some of the finals for this semester. i still yet to know what Animation 2 has prepared for us, since the class will be on Friday afternoon. ah ah.. finally, i'm able to experiment and play with some serious multimedia work!

i have a lot of research to do. and i have a habit, which is quite annoying at times. i tend to brainstorm for ideas and desperately searching for inspirations straight after an assignment is given out. my brain just wouldn't stop thinking. when i'm eating or bathing or even on the bus, i'll just keep on thinking and thinking. my sister used to thought that i was stressed and lack of fun. she told me to relax. but the truth is, i'm not stressed at all. i actually enjoy doing it .i just love to think of the many possibilities that can work with. it's different from day dreaming.

i have realised this long ago, that what i'm learning now is too broad and i'm still searching for my 'major'. it may be a great idea to master all of them, but at least there's a place which i'll focus on. i have a senior in the same course, just a semester ahead of me, and he's already doing freelancing job as a web designer. i kinda envy him, to be able to know what he wants and what he's skilled in. me? i'm now still exploring. to be honest, i'm still not satisfied with what i learn yet. i want to know more, and i'm still searching.

but soon i gona make a choice eh? sister had advised me. i myself also have made the decision, that this year, a proper name card must be produced, a proper website must be up, plus a proper and strong name for my studio. a business shall start running by the end of the year.

like what Mr. Ang had always said 2 years ago: " Throw Me Your Horses~!"

in Chinese? 放马过来~!!!! XD


neilwasabi said...

wow! seems that your life in this sem is way so nice! haha! my life ok ok saja! new face in class, new stuff to learn...... and more animation! MTV would be a challenge for me!

but too bad Desa internet block torrent and I might gonna lose few anime i watching. u guys got streammyx so nice! me envy lah!

bren is doing nice here and having a happy life wit...... you know lah!

haha! dun get too tire and always remember to visit me! Both real life and internet!

eiChi said...

izit? Desa new internet block torrent one ah? when u wana come? always say wana visit me XD when u come thn also go find Chung Hueng la =D

neilwasabi said...

Mm...... not sure coz my class all lasted until night one.

haha, think first coz dun know she welcome me or not?

hana said...


Only till I read your flickr comments did i realized it was DRAWN.


ure awesome