sorry for the lack of update since i got to KL

no new photos taken yet. no new artwork to post. only designs that i helped my sis to do, which can't be uploaded simply XD

also no new download of music albums. no Youtubing. no FanFiction-ing. occasionally of Facebook-ing and Pet Society-ing.

and is amused that most people got into a relationship at a pretty right time. it's like, i logged into Facebook, and there on the homepage i see people changed their status from 'Single' to 'In a Relationship'. is Valentine's Day a 'must' or what? o.O''' to me they seem like they are desperate for V day =_=

still, i congratulate them for getting their other half ;) espcially, Amane~! Congrats oh, pooh pooh~! but don't forget to help me download VOICE also. coz my Valentine's Day = Ikuta Toma. for now. lol!

anyways, these few days i was at my sis office, been called to help out :P can't really chat much. haha. office ba... workplace, not a playground for kids.

next week i'll be moving in to my new place at Cyberia. got new housemates. Allan from LKW Kch, my former classmate. Kee Ming, my current classmate. and Shi Xian (duno how to spell her name), Kee Ming's sec school friend hu studies Graphic Design. right, hope everything's gona be better this year ^.^ the living issue, i mean...


hana said...

HAHA THEY DID? I never check the homepage in FB wtf. Only log in there for Pet Society omg I AM PATHETIC XD

lol valentine day in kuching is over commercialized anyway if you ask me so can't blame them if they feel the pressure. here i don't see any valentine thing at all wtf maybe cuz people don't care for it and just sleep with whoever they want anytime wtf.

Anyway, best of luck to your new semester year!

ren said...

can i say "see u later" too? x)
good luck with the living matter, hehe..and take care of them, the newbies from kch cmpus xD they were my classmates aftr all..hehe..

Am@n3 said...

hehehe.. thank you thank you.
Well, me and him are not trying to catch up Valentine's day actually. ^^ we didnt even remember that day.
Something went wrong one day and we blurted out everything to each other and got hooked. LOL!
No worries on your toma. I stil will download! hahah! ^^

neilwasabi said...

Welcome back......

eiChi said...

@hana: haha~ dont worry la~ even my cousin who is workin now also got addicted to pet society :P and probably u're right wif the valentine stuff. really la, today i went out, omg~ everywhere couples O.O''' cant blame them also :P

@ren: lol~ i sure will take care of them one, dont worry :P allan, my 'wife', and sofia =D u come KL oso la XD

@amane: XD muahahaha~ what he bought for u today? say say~ or blog blog :P

@nigel: u back too???

ren said...

ehehe..want me to come to Kl? Lol~
wait for one yr, see if im goin thre or not later for my degree =) im not worried bout them btw :P they'll do just fine..especially ur 'wife'. u take care too eichi-oo~~