one of the clocks that shows the time.. duh~! XD go look for the clock at Putrajaya Sentral!

ha! I've finally finished my English assignment! ahahahaha!!! damn I wonder if I've written it correctly. Evaluating an article, oh hell... and and lecturer wants the article we evaluate on must be multimedia based, and he refused to read articles on entertainment, what the hell? o.O'''

went to get myself a copy of TheStar just now, saw an article which i hope fits what the lecturer wants and quickly work on it. i want to finish this assignment as soon as possible so i can do other things. playing for instance :P ahahahah~ nola =_=''' i have other assignments that are waiting for me to deal with.

but meh, finally i can leave the English one aside.

went down to Kuala Lumpur yesterday with Kee Ming and Allen. Fion, Richie, Chain and Sofia caught up with us in the late afternoon. both Allen and Chain were there to get their first Wacom tablet XD and holy~ the price for Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet has gone up!!! it used to be RM 580 for an A5 size tablet. now? freaking RM 7oo!!! o.O''' holy... lets just say they are lucky to get the tablet for RM 550 in the end, because that computer store is awesome with awesome staffs and awesome offer. i like Lowyat XD

put that aside. there's one thing keeps bothering me. why do some parents bring their babies or toddlers out for a gadget shopping spree? kids that ages 5 or 6 onwards are ok, but baby in a baby trailer? it's already jam packed with people in Lowyat, i couldnt even move through the crowd as smoothly as i always did (yes, i consider that as my talent. or else i woulnt had bought my lunch so fast during break time in secondary school, and you know how crowded the canteen always is during that hour). anyways, like i said, it was so packed and yet those parents still strolling the place slowly with their babies in the trailer o.O''' i mean, why do you bring your babies out to this place in the first place, it's not like they would squeal and yell that they want a PSP, or an iPhone! rather, i pity the babies. they could have a nice and peaceful sleep somewhere else, instead they have to be in this crowded space, fighting for extra space and air, feeling horrified with the amount of people and seeing nothing that interest them (well, ya, probably some), but still, it's none of their business if the parents want to shop for some hi-tech gadgets. unless the child is old enough to say: "Dad, get me a Nintendo DS." but babies... i really wonder why... poor infants...

ok. so i didnt get anything fancy yesterday. both Allen and Chain got home with a tablet each; Kee Min, a new 22' LCD monitor (holy shit! it's like watching TV oledy!); Fion, some movies she likes; Richie, a new graphic T-shirt (this guy has lots of colorful and wacky t-shirts which i also wished to have!!!) ;and Sofia, an illustration book and a Chrono Crusade OST.

no money for shopping. got money to save. that's why. economy not good ah~~~


hana said...

omg english T_____T

the bane of my existence wth T____T

i have to write a declaration of human rights wth and have no idea how to go about it.

stupid english. i didn't know students in msia had to take it too. i thought it was only the US. glad to know someone feels my pain too lol XD

i am broke too T_____T have to save every single penny sigh what happen to the good ol days where i can walk into any cafe and eat whatever i want :C

eiChi said...

wow wow wow~ i guess i would stuck there for a loooong while if you ask me to write a declaration of human rights o.O'''i can only write stories XD

and yalo, last time could hang out with friends at different restaurants each time. haha. now just eat maggi mee at home :P