we all had done and handed in our website assignment.

i've done 80% of my animation assignments.

i can finally breathe and relax for a moment after 2 weeks of non-stop typing and drawing and timing (after effects).

it was Friday night.

so i put my other assignments on hold. i told myself to NOT touch anything about assignments. buahahaha..

and had a shooting spree with my housemates again. we all felt that we should 'party' on Friday night!

tonight's round was classic, because one of the housemates decided to be 'out of character' and we all had the most bizarre and interesting team work ever (if you still call shooting each other occasionally and refused to get first aid as team work. LOL) well.. 2 died in the end. me and the 'OOC' housemate survived =_=

my mum will be arriving later in the morning. yay. too bad she can't bring me my favourite Sarawak Laksa.. but i asked my mum to get some Kolo Mee since my Johor housemates are interested to taste them. hehe.

ok. since i didnt blog a rather long post for quite a while. now, let me be emo abit. lol.

i f**king not satisfied with my website. although ya, i like the style i used. maybe you all tell me it's nice and all that, i thank you all for the compliment. but i myself feel like i could do more to it. if only i know more about html, css, javascript and flash, or other web building stuff. right now my level is just at the very bottom. damn. i really want to do more.

but aaah...it's my first website lah~~~~~~~~~ not bad oledy lah~~~~~~~ *bangs head on screen*

can't wait to see my mum tomolo :)


hana said...

I like your site. i think its pretty cool for a first attempt :)

but is it gonna be just an assignment or are you intending this to be your professional site?

cuz if it were, then just my two cents but putting your personal trivia or blog details in there wouldn't be so advisable? but idk about the graphic world so maybe it plays by a different set of rules XD

but anyway, for a college project, i think its pretty fine :p I am still amused that you can type this: 'while I personally think it looks more like the boy' s private part. oops...while I personally think it looks more like the boy' s private part. oops...’ 而绝不会被老师骂。他妈的我不知道为设么我的死电脑突然间变成中文去而绝找不回我的英文选择‘东西’哈哈我也不知道怎样来解释。唉,我的中文增是好糟糕。要说的东西都说不出来。死电脑。〉C

eiChi said...

hahahahaha!!! LOL, Hannah~ you're so funny la XD your Chinese not bad le, i only found 2 ' spelling' error :P

anyway, ya, that's just for my assignment. hell NO i'm gona make it my permanent portfolio website. when the lecturer told us to do about 'My Life', i was like =_=.. wud? i'm not gona be so 'si ai bin'. that's why i did it quite simple... ahahahaa...

Ammy said...
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hana said...



I couldn't think of the words and when I could I have no idea which character was the right one omg I am a disgrace to my race.

pray tell where is the error cuz I really don't see it omg this is really bad. i don't even dare speak in chinese here much to those from china/taiwan cuz its as bad as me trying to speak Japanese to a Japanese person wth.

OH WAIT. I SEE IT. THE 'SHE ME' ONLY THING WAS I FORGOT THE PINYIN FOR 'SHE' AND SO I COULDN'T FIND IT D: Trust me, I spent like 5 minutes on the 'she me' alone lol. Whats the other one again?

lol simple =/= noob. Actually, being able to pull off the simplicity look without looking cheap takes a lot of effort :)

can't wait to see your official portfolio then :DDDD

eiChi said...

lol. Hannah, erm.. the other one is 而绝找不回.. the 绝 supposed to be 却 .. and the 增是 is actually 真是 XD but you are good oledy :D some of my friend over here cant even speak/read/write chinese~

so yeah.. the website. let me using flash to build website then i will come out my portfolio site XD

hana said...


Stupid mistake on the second one, I kept thinking it was Masuda Takahisa (増田貴久) punya 'masu' (増) and was all gleeful going YES HAHA I KNOW THAT WORD!

turns out I was wrong wth.

lol such phail.