oh yes~ feeling rather contented at the moment =D

first, most assignments right now just have to be handed in after the one week holiday.

second, i've started doing most of them so it should be easy for me to finish them by the time.

third, i just had several good online L4D game sessions with various players. even though at first i was being called 'stupid chichi' (my L4D char name is 'chichi'.. hehe) for being 'stupid' to not rescue the team mates. but helloooo~ at that time my game was so lagging ok!!! i was trying to help!!! anyway, most of the time the team work are pretty good, n most importantly, they dont mind me being a lil slow than them after i explained my situation. muahahahaha. niiiicccceee~

fourth, my mum is here in KL. now she's just beside me. ahahahaha. i have no classes on Thursday, and tomorrow i'll be going down to KL for a field trip, held by my lecturer, to the KL Design Week. so my sis just picked me up last night from Cyberia to come down to PJ first.

fifth, erm.. what else. aiya, i'm just feeling happy. ahahaha XD wakakakakakakakaka~

oh ya, yesterday was April's Fool day. anyone got tricked? or tricked anyone? both i didnt. lol. totally have no idea on how what to trick about. but yea we did made fun of our lecturers. ahaha~ i love my classmates XD

right. i guess tat's all for today. wehehehe~later going shopping with my mama~ =D

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