it has been a bizarre weekend for me.

first on Friday most of us got the shock from Video Production lecturer that we have to submit our 3rd assignment (which requires some shooting) within a few days. considering that we still have our 3D assignment to rush, in which to be handed in on Monday (today), and the fact that we have classes for the first 3 days of the week, it IS impossible for us to complete the Video Production assignment on time. well, lucky for us, the lecturer postponed the dateline after our countless whining and complaining. but still, it is still kind of rushing as we have other assignments that are due next week too! oh my mama~!

that very same night, and i think is because of my period i coming, i felt extremely random and just not in the mood to do anything. i slept early that night. seriously.

and then of course on Saturday all i did was 3D modeling and test rendering. i only slept for like.. 2 hours..oh my... and i have to tell you, this is my first time to render so many times and gosh how i wish i hadn't left my Sudoku book back in Kuching! it takes about 10 or more minutes to just test render! i only left my laptop when me and my housemates went out for groceries shopping spree. so ya, i managed to relax and wow i bought different kind of drinks each! now i have Coke, milk, juice, 100plus, honey and tea inside the fridge. i live a healthy life... and i miss drinking Nescafe :(

now, Sunday, i don't know what got into me and my boy housemates because knowing that we have tons of work to do, we decided to play the game after such a long break from it. oh yeah.. shooting zombies in hard mode have never been so fun, especially when you are lacking sleep and feeling numb from all the assignments. and it was pretty sad to get back to reality when the game ended.

that afternoon Wie Nie came to my place, and oh i so miss the company of her in my room so much, after all we had lived in the same room for a year. she came to me to aid her in her Flash assignment, which i happily agree, since my laptop is 'useless' and i can do nothing about it when the 3D rendering is starting. i have the time to help her. and Wie Nie is still so cute as always XD i hope she will come again to my place.. and Miin Yuann too! damn i miss them both :P

aaaaanyway. back to 3D rendering. it took two nights of my precious sleep away~~~rawwwrrrrr~!!!! D: yes. i only slept from 6.30AM to 8AM this morning, just because one stupid mistake i had made during the first final rendering of my 3D interior. i clicked on something i shouldnt have clicked and tada~~ after 2 and half hours the rendering process is still at 40%. holy shit! i was so sleepy that time and wow i still got a lot more things to render and it's already 3 A.M!!!! i had to forcefully shut down the laptop since i coudlnt cancel the rendering, and start the whole process again, this time without clicking on that damn i-duno-what-button! so...since it was the final rendering, each pic rendered have to be big and ya.. it took about 30 to 40 minutes for one pic to render finish. i had to render at least 5 pieces.... so yeah.. that explains why i slep at 6.30AM.

oh dang... i really should get some sleep first. coz tonight i have to crack my head to write an extremely lame argumentative essay, for the sake of passing my English subject. i need sleep...


ok. i'm kinda happy with my first ever 3D modeling and rendering, ok? and i'm not an interior designer so don't ever judge me on the interior scenes =_= i did my best.. somehow...

i think i put too much yellow light source. but meh~

and this is just for fun.

my 'room' is floating in the air!!! =D awesome~


hana said...





NEWS's 'Ai no Matador' song comes to mind wtf and yes its a pervy song hoho.

I know. I'm sorry. But my mind cannot help but stray to like inappropriate things.

I blame the hour being 4am now for my unstable emotions lol.

eiChi said...

hahahah~!!! let me guess, because the room also got so many pink/violet color things right? :P and i'm fine with your pervy thought XD coz you make me think of having either Natsume or Toma inside my room, muahahaha~

hana said...

Yes, And it looks very honeymoon/love hideaway-ish :DDD

ok i think 'exotic' is the word.

I really like the oriental kinda feel of the room. You make me fall in love with my asian roots all over again you know.

I especially like the wood thing that kinda separates the bed area from the living room. oh hay it reminds me somewhat of the tinier version of the one in my house back in kch lol.

And TOMA!!!! in this room. SO WANT. :d


Farris said...

Very nice modeling!

Hehe, rendering is a total drag, be sure that the lights won't go out in the middle og everything. *agony*

eiChi said...

@Hana: haha! really thanks alot for liking my 3D interior. i'm actually kinda lazy to think of the texture so nearly everything i put is wood. lol! and it turn out nice XD weeeeeeee~~

okba, i'll ask my sis there to help build a one to one scale showroom of this design. lol!!!

@Farris: Farah~!! (i still like calling you Farah :P) long time no see!!!! daaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

and you mean you experienced having that before in the middle of your 3D rendering? the thought alone is pretty scary to me o.O'''

Farris said...

Call me whatever you want, as long as it's not insulting... XD;

Why yes, everyone in 3D class was going to render a scene at school and we were going to put it together later on. Alas, overnight the lights went out. That one scene was supposed to take 12 hours to render.

Just imagine the agony when we got to class the next day. XD