i'm too late

it really saddens me that i couldnt be there when Ruth left Malaysia for 5 years, to pursue her studies in India. what kind of best friend am i? really.. i feel bad. i've even forgotten to give her a call. i wana blame my workload for this, but i know it's my own fault for forgetting it T__T

i hate to say it, but somehow i feel me and Ruth, and the rest of our gang.. i'm slowly drifting apart from them. i have no idea what they have been through these 2 years and neither have i hang out with them for more than once. it's either i'm still having classes and they are on a holiday, or the other way round. i always have trouble finding them out because by the time i'm free, they are preparing for exams. life is just not fair for me at this. i always feel a pang in my heart whenever i see photos of them hanging out together. singing karaoke.. having lunch... it's like i'm no more included in the gang.

i know i have to work on this. to strengthen our frienship. i wana continue to be with them forever, no matter where we are.

Friends Forever mate :) people changes while time passed, but i hope we will still be close with each other just like how we used to be in primary and secondary school. miss ya!

gona hug you gao gao when you are back after 5 years time XD


neilwasabi said...

LOL, it's cute! I like the way they use different charac from different features.

By the way, any idea when's registration and school start?

eiChi said...

Nigel, you didn't know? it's 3rd and 4th of August :P