Happy Merdeka day~!

yes. to say the truth i'm not in a festive mood to celebrate Merdeka (heck there wasn't any big celebrations around Petaling Jaya here. Maybe there was but at 12 am i was inside the cinema with my sister watching UP. and i daresay its the best movie of the year. the screenplay, the originality of the characters, the script, the cinematoraphy, the concept, the 3D, the real-sense of humour (unlike those in eg. Ice Age, all just craps), everything... is a win. Disney and PIXAR have come out with another masterpiece that have really blown me away and left me in awe and respect.

so i'll tell you what have happened in my life lately.

- attended the 2nd stage of the Nokia Widget competition and I made a fool of myself in front of the whole bunch of media. I should be put on the "Cone of Shame".

- cracking my head to understand the alien C++ and JavaScript and WRT and API and alot more just to create 2 functional Nokia widgets in just 2 weeks time with my team mates.

- more assignments

- more proposals to be done

- it's a headache.

- too much work to do but too little time

- need more coffee


usually we only get this bz during the 6th or 7th week....

ah... that's why I'm here at my sister place for the weekend just to somehow..escape from those... yeah.. UP is an awesome movie.

maybe i can tie many many balloons to my body so that i can fly away too.

.... ...

argh, just wish me lots of luck la O.O'''

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