my birthday is going to end soon, and it's just like any other ordinary day, because i didn't tell my housemates about it, plus some of them are sick :P

well i prefer it this way coz for some reason i wana keep it as simple as possible. for years i have told my parents not to make a fuss for my birthday while they insist of buying me a big cake. right now all i want for my birthday is either a slice of Secret Recipe cheese cake (which i just had a few days ago..my parents and sis celebrated my birthday) or a vanilla cone ice cream :3 and i also had an early birthday barbecue party at my house together with my photography and cosplay 'kakia' during my one month holiday in Kuching. so that counts too! :P

but still, I'm 20! mind and body still the same except the number changed. it's strange to know so well that you're one year older but the truth is you are no different from yesterday. that's how i feel now. strange and as though my time is still stop at somewhere between 19 and 20. maybe it's just the number 20 that makes me feel more mature now. LOL. in fact i'm still a kid at heart XD

anyway. alot. and i mean, ALOT of people wishes me a Happy Birthday on Facebook today. friends whom i havent seen or talk for ages; friends who still keep in touch with me; friends who occasionally find me to chat; 'friends' whom i think i know and don't really know; and wow, my lecturers as well!!! cool!

so, thanks to everyone who wishes me a Happy Birthday, and to those who wish me to have blast, sorry to dissapoint you but i promise to get myself drunk on my 21st birthday :P that's the legal age bah..

oh btw, do you guys like my new banner? :3

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ XD

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