and the one week Raya holiday is almost over.

a holiday that is macam no holiday at all.

well. at least i got play games occasionally ... when i have no more ideas in my head.

now what really makes my holiday MORE holiday-liked is the arrival of my favourite Rabbid. hahahahahahahahahaha~!!!!!!

and i have a mini Rabbid as well!!!! look at that 欠打 face!!! 8D

okla. sorry if my blog post is less than interesting nowadays. i really have nothing to blog about besides than my everyday life eg. wake up early morning. have my favourite milk. open Facebook and play Facebook games. check emails. and start doing assignments. play some games in the middle. eat out with sister and her gang.

yeah. and i just finished blogging about my 'holiday' life.

oh well. at least next week there's gona be something fun happening =D and my 老婆 is gona teased by me gao gao!!! XD

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