and it's already the 29th of December, 2009 is at its end.

Oh my god, this year sure fly fast! (I guess I write this every end of the year. Let's just call it a tradition) to think that I'm gona be in my final year and graduating soon is scaring the shit out of me O.O''' I'M GRADUATING AT THE AGE OF 21!!!!!! I'm honestly not prepared for that :/

about jobs... I really do want to set up my own studio and handling small projects at the start, but it's always easy to say. I begin to have doubt about what I can do in the future... *eichi shakes head* must have confidence! what will come, will come. I'll just have to face it when it does :D

still I have to work for my future. I want money to pamper myself damit!

so last night I went to the Anime Gathering organized by the Sams. It was... random O.o''' lolol! To conclude it was, a bit messy, again random, I want more food XD, nonetheless it's fun, because I got to perform! ahahahahahahahahaha~! Exactly 4 songs that I sang last night, and all of them are from the anime Macross Frontier. Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee rocks the night :P

thanks Steven for the photo :D it's me and Sanda!

I sang well. well..even I've forgotten a few words of the lyrics due to nervousness... ahahahaha :P but hey~ they like my singing! XD to tell the truth if can I wana sing Macross Frontier songs all day long. hahahaha!

photo of me singing 'Diamond Crevasse'. I know my outfit is weird. no choice, I don't own any fancy cocktail dress XD

singing the duet version of 'Triangular' together with Michelle :) she's cosplaying a character from Gintama.

and the Kuching Cosplay group :D

right.. so there are a LOT more photos which I'm just lazy to upload here. if interested, feel free to click here that links to my Facebook photo album :P

got to meet up with Helena and Joan and Sui Sian as well, as they came all the way to the dinner place to pass the wedding invitation card to me. Sui Sian cheche is getting MARRIED!!!! =D yay~~~ *throws confetti* to make things clear. Helena is a lecturer at LKW, and I worked part time before at Joan and Sui Sian's company, and the great thing is, all three of them used to be my sister's classmates =D Kuching is damn small.....

I guess I will be attending her wedding dinner as representative of my sister :) thn I have to 'korek' my wardrobe to see if I have any other suitable attire for dinner :O thn this also means i have to wear my mum's heels again since I only brought back my sport shoes from KL. lol!

right. time for bed. I'm sleeping early tonight as I'll be going to the JPJ early in the morning tomorrow. I gotta learn how to drive for Christ sake! O.O''' I called the driving teacher that Allan introduced to me, and he told me all the procedure that's to be done for a handicapped person who wana learn driving, and it's so... troublesome =__=''' but still, gotta do it no matter what.

so. night night! ;)


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