I only has 15 minutes to blog =O because I'm using the RM20 Streamyx package at the moment and it has time limit. I can't use it for more than 10 hours a month, which obviously isn't enough for me, and today, the deConnexion free wifi is being slow and testing my patience again =_=''' I mean, it won't even load the simple Google search page!! omg!!! that's why I'm using Streamyx now.

right, so almost a week of 2010 has passed, and I did nothing but play and watch DVDs at home 8D k so i'm just kidding. My current boss had sent me an email about a job that is confirmed so all I gotta do is wait for the information to come. Another job has come to me as well, it's an easy one, designing 2 layouts for XXX magazine. The pay isn't that much, but lets call it a start for 2010 eh?

I've seen one of my friend Quin who has started joining a project called ' A Design A Day'. Seriously, I would like to join in the fun. But seriously, I'm too lazy for this kinda thing. Probably I would be doing it for the first few days, but after a while, well you get it... well unless it is profitable. ohahahaha~!

but today!! after being lazy for the last 2 days (can't blame me, the rainy days are just too good for people like me to roll on the bed whole day) , I came out with this after listening countlessly on Oasis - '[Get off your] High Horse Lady'. damn the music and vocal feel so sexy to me @.@ so i decided to draw a sexy girl listening to the song. ahahaha

drawn and colored in Open Canvas, edited in Photoshop.

oh man, I feel so accomplished today :3 at least I'd done an illustration+design.

I really really like the song and of course I want to share with you all~!

well, it'not the original music video. I don't even sure whether this song has one!

But just enjoy. it's so 'high' and 'sexy' 8D

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hana said...

yeah I saw this on twitter and wanted to tell you that YOU HAVE CAPTURE THE EVERY ESSENCE OF A RICH SNOBBISH VAIN CREATURE <333

who needs to get off her high horse yes. because wah her face got the everyone owes me look! But at the same time so mesmerizing pretty you find yourself giving her leeway to be snotty as if hypnotized by her charm.

all in all i really like this drawing really <3