Yeah, I stuck that on my room's ceiling lamp switch 2 years back, just for fun.

I'll be studying driving law tomorrow morning. It's like going back to Form 5 and attending classes all over again =_='''

but finally, my first step of learning to drive is here. It took me 2 weeks to settle all the documents to complete the procedure in order for people like to to learn driving. And from the doc's letter, it is stated that I have to get myself a modified car or else they just wouldn't let me learn. So I'm thinking, that maybe I'll take the law at Kuching first, and learn driving at KL there, using my sister's car. oh my.. she's not gona like it for what I'm going to do to her car. XD well, if she's ok with it, I'll be a happy girl :3

so last week I went to join this.. Miss Yung Kong model photography contest. well... in the end I decided not to submit my photos due to.. reasons that I'm just not well equipped. You know, I feel so noob and helpless when I see THIS!!

everyone has special lenses, esp zoom lens, and those big aperture lens, which take extremely beautiful portrait pictures.

oh my just look at the amount of photographers

pictures of some of the models I took...

and that girl sure knows how to be like a celebrity 8D

it was at Pullman Hotel btw, and divided into 2 sessions. 2nd session was in Hills Mall, together with the awesome sport cars 8D right. again, i'm lazy to post more photos here so just head on to my Facebook album here. I've made it public for everyone to see, I think I have.... lol!

and oh my oh my~ this is embarrassing, but I just want to post it here! hahaha! just made another cover for Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me". It's such a sweet song don't you think so? Hope my voice hasn't ruined the whole song =_='''

right, time to sleep and get ready for tomorrow law class. aiks O.o

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