Sem 5 for degree in Creative Multimedia course is the start of a beautiful nightmare O_o

Nightmare, because it needs a lot of thinking and brainstorming for ideas until one can't really sleep properly at night; beautiful because once one get over the nightmare, the result will be a beautiful one. Well.. hopefully.

4 classes in 3 days a week. Sounds easy. and we only got to do 3 major assignments this semester. but yeah, 3 MAJOR assignments. All of the subjects name are long ones, so I can't really remember them well, but hell yeah I know what we gonna achieve this sem for each of the courses.

1st subject is Visual Effects Production, or sth like that. Basically it's gonna be all technical and skills in After Effects and other related softwares. We are all interested in this, because we get to learn some real cool effects to create awesome motion graphics! But what we are going to do this semester is to create a whole package of erm... TV channel ident... and this project is related to the other subject which I'm going to blog about now.

Multimedia Production (or sth like that, ahaha, the name's long =_=) , a subject which teaches us how to manage a team when dealing with a multimedia production. Group members were set by the lecturers and I don't know whether if it's lucky for me to get an all girls group. For one, when all girls get together, it's always hard to come out with a definite decision. So I gotta act like a boy when it comes to this. and it's kinda cool to think that I'm the only one girl group leader in the whole class. Anyway, as I've said, this subject is inter-related to the Visual Effects Production. You see, in this subject, our task is to work as a team to produce the proposal, pre-production and post-production for the TV channel ident which we gonna execute during Visual Effects class. Right, this is still ok, but what's bad is that my group got the task to create the ident for a channel all of us have never heard of before, 'Al-Jazeera' =__=''' lol! All the other groups got channels like 8tv, NTV7, Astro Wah Lai Toi etc etc... After some research, it seems that 'Al-Jazeera' is an English based news channel in the middle East, hence the Arabian name for the channel. Hmm.. we were all shock when we got it, but I told them that it's gonna be a challenging one. It will be really great if we manage to pull it off and impress the clients.

Ok, 3rd subject is Interactive Design.... and guess what, we are doing phone widget again, ah.. the nightmares... but luckily this time it's not for competition anymore and we don't have to rush like mad since we gona have a whole sem to complete this one. It's a group work as well, 2 in a group. and I'm definitely happy to have Keeming as my classmate and house mate coz this means it's easy for us to work together, muahaha! plus he's better in the programming/coding side. ah I'm so lucky XD but still, it's widget all over again. lol

last subject, which is also one of the important ones. Dissertation for Multimedia. Writing a 10000 ++ words dissertation is ok for me. but the topic that we choose will decide the final major project that we are going to do for the last and final semester. For eg. if the topic I wrote about was 3D animation about Malaysian culture, thn I gotta produce a 3D animation with a local culture concept/storyline for the final sem. This is a stressful subject, as for now, I have to think of several ideas of what I want to do by next week. Well my main interest is in motion graphics+ music a.k.a music videos, but is this the right path that I'm choosing? Everyone of us is kinda having doubts now, as we gotta choose something that we specialize and have confident in. It's tough... have to conduct careful thinking now before realizing too late that I've made a wrong choice.

I keep on telling myself that this is still the first week and is still playing games every night with house mates, but can't escape the fact that we all really gotta start thinking and planning now. next week for sure, is the real starting of the nightmare. Going to have less time to slack around.

But then again since I'm now down at Damansara, spending the weekend with my sister, drinking the cheapest Starbucks drink, and going to have a date with Alice In Wonderland on Sunday, let me just enjoy these few days to the fullest first :)

btw, Happy Birthday to my cousin Ah Ching! It's her 2x birthday today XD damn we are all getting old.


hana said...

Al-Jazeera is like this really internationally well known news channel that does it really well. Would be a great challenge and experience for you imo and sound better than wah loh tai or something that is not known outside malaysia i think lol.

eiChi said...

lol! thanks for the support Hannah. I feel so left out right now. this proves that I lack some really basic knowledge. gota watch more TV. haha!

and yeah, gona be a real challenging one :D

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