Omg... 8 hours to finish this super rough animatic sequence for my final year project. It is so damn rough that I'm actually feeling embarrass to even put it here *facepalms* and later gotta present this to my lecturers...

my story is about a teenage gamer who's been brought into a surreal dimension where some traditional games interact with him, making him remembers the excitement of playing those traditional games. I havent thought of a proper name for my animation. any suggestions can leave it in my chatbox, or just comment lah XD

yes. it's 1 Malaysia concept. somehow this year we are all told to do something that is related to either Malaysia, or better, 1 Malaysia.

first time uploaded a video using blogger itself. hope it works well ... lol

ok. an example of how the style would look like by the end production: textured painted color style for the background, and solid outlined color for the characters. will be using both Adobe Flash and After Effects for everything.
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3 more months left. 1 and 1/2 month for character scenes, 1 month for backgrounds, and another 1/2 month for final editing and compositing.

wish me luck.

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