I'm free from my final project for almost a week already. yep. I've finished it, a week earlier than the appointed postponed date, and I am so happy that I'm done with this project.

2 and a half months.. or more, plus a misfortune in the process. here it is, the result.

Final Year Project .Hybrid Animation directed and produced by Tay Ei Chi
software: Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, 3D Max, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Summary: the boy, a video game addict, find a whole new adventure in games that he once played but already forgotten, at a place isolated from modernities.

The purpose of making this hybrid animation is to give awareness to people, to not forget our roots, our culture. These traditional games are still played by some, but it is a rare sight to see them now.

There you go. my work. I'm happy of it, honestly. just the only thing troubling me is the music Ive chosen to use. You see.. I couldn't find any music that is truly fitting to the video. plus I don't have any sound editing software installed in my sis laptop, so it's really kinda difficult.... ya.. excuses.. meh. but really, yes. I was planning from the start to use traditional Malay music eg. gamelan and rebana ubi drum beats..... but no. the music just doesn't match with what I've drawn and constructed. So I had to use this, "Deer Drop Forest", a music by Daisuke Tanabe , which is actually the song that first inspires me to do this story. get it? Deer =Kancil, Forest = the forest of my story. yea... so... the music pretty much match the overall mood and concept. it's a great piece of music, really :P

and one funny thing is, besides producing this, I had to create something like a DVD cover and CD label for it too, it is required for everyone to do so for their work. so here's mine. It's so.... crappy *facepalms*

I guess it's crappy because I took this with my 1.3 megapix camera phone...

anyway. that's it for today. I've gotta go get prepared and play with the kaleidoscope on Genting Highland, bought the kaleidoscope earlier at Fragments exhibition :)

I planned to blog more, about SHOUT Awards, birthday celebration, job interview at PixepPost, and my class exhibition thing. But all these will have to wait. so, tata ;D


Anonymous said...

Hi, have been lurking around your blog for quite some time. ^^;;
I love the animation you done for your fyp.
It feels close to my heart and captures the childhood i once had.
All the best in your future endeavors!

eichi said...

Hi Peanutstory, it's glad to know that my blog has still got readers :P thanks so much for your compliments and your support! :D

and a Happy New Year to you!