Hello my dearest blog of 6 years, and readers, if there is still any.. so sorry for neglecting this place for so long.

Chinese New Year came and passed. I've never missed home so much... that going back to be with my family and celebrating Chinese New Year is the happiest thing to me. Working life has made me treasure my time spent with my family, spent in Kuching even more.

But I know I'm lucky enough to have the chance to go back home... some of my friends who study abroad don't... and I have no reason to complain that my Chinese New Year holiday was too short, though I still feel sad that everything is not going to be like last time, when I still had long semester holidays.

Therefore, I had enjoyed my Chinese New Year to the fullest, there was no one single boring moment during my first 8 days of rabbit year, plus I received ang pow money that is beyond my expectation. It is a good start, though some thing is still left uncertain, and letting go is not easy.

Anyways.. Chinese New Year photos, I'd taken a lot, and most of them are on Facebook. I'm sorry to say that I am just too lazy to upload photos here and the tagging function in Facebook is there for a reason :)

So... no photos. well..maybe I'll just put up some of my favourite ones.. some vain ones. ahahaha! But for now I just want to randomly write down the thoughts in my head now, things i just want to blurt out here.

1. I've just moved in to a new place, staying together with 2 of my university mates who have started working as well. Just find that it still hard for me to get used to the life that we are all living now... all 3 of us left together (about the same time) in the morning for work, but when night comes, well.. sometimes I really want to wait for them to return home, have some chat and fun, before heading off to bed. But being designers from different fields, our RTB time is always... unpredictable...and it is sad sometimes..

2. I'm getting used to my work. Kinda feel happy at the fact that I've figured out something in Nuke which my seniors had problem with.. it's just a little thing... but yea.. at least, for a fresh graduate, 1 month plus Nuke junior compositor, I'm happy with my result. Currently handling a project (can say.. 70% by me, the rest..helped from seniors) which at first I thought I'm gonna have trouble with, as they insisted me to use Nuke to complete the task. In the end I achieved the result they want for the Tv commercial. yay! big applause for me~!
(note* NUKE is one of the compositing tools used for compositing films eg. Avatar)

3. Actually finding myself observing the guys in my office sometimes.... can't help but to look out for the possible partner in life that i can depend on in the future. but, alas ...most of them are off boundaries :P ok, since when I become so desperate? My mama always say, it's all about luck and fate. so... just be cool with it. yep I'm cool alright....this is the first time I ever confess my want for a partner on my blog =__= (yes I refused to use the term 'boyfriend' because it seems childish and 'partner' is more business-like...classy abit :p)

4. In case most of you don't know, or most of you had watched it on TV during Chinese New Year, here's the TM tvc that was handled by me (motion graphics effects + color direction) and my senior offline editor (arrangement of shots).

(the aspect ration of the video is a bit off here...)

saw the commercial played on TV when me and my friends were visiting our teacher's house... some of my friends watched it that time, but I was too humble to tell them. Don't want to get too cocky just because it's the first TV commercial i did...

5. I'm tired. and I should stop blogging and go to sleep. Before that, I want to show you my vain self. and my copper colored hair :)
taken using my sis's Intax Mini instant camera.. love it so much that it's now my display picture on Facebook. but I'll never wear like this to work ;D

Good night!

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