Hello folks, i intended to use this as my Facebook profile picture, but it looks like I'm picking my nose over there.. lol so I changed my mind....

yeah yeah it's Sunday today and I'm treating my body well... with hot bubble bath, strawberry and cheese flavor bath set, and a face mask. plus a cup of flower tea. I'm being a lady today.

Got to say I really feel relieve now that I'd finished most of the task and received well feedback... I can finally sleep in peace tonight. The only things left to do are for families....

There are certain times where I'm really eager to blog about things that happen at my work place.. like the challenges I faced when dealing with new software and techniques... skills... I'm not embarrassed to say that I did quite serious mistakes before.. but hey, it's a 2-months-old compositor newbie here. The new path is just started :)

But I really want to say thank you to my seniors, 3 seniors altogether. well, one just joined the company, but he has got experience and knowledge, a Flame compositor and he's like a big brother to me, taught me a whole new meaning of being an online compositor. the other 2 were
my Nuke mentors, I couldn't have done so much this far without them. Being the youngest and the most amateur compositor, I kinda feel honored to be in this position and work along side with them as well as the rest of the team.

I'm currently alone at my sister house. She and my future brother-in-law have gone to Maldives.. half working half vacationing, how good is that? :P I love travelling, and then take my time, slowly explore the places..absorb the views in..and later press the shutter. this is my ideal vacation. of course it would be a plus if there are sales going on around the places i visit :D

Ok, gotta go prepare myself for dinner. Out with cousin later who just had her birthday celebrated yesterday :) my new place is getting internet soon, so hopefully I can blog often, again. Ciao!

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