Hello world, how've you been? With so much things going around, like the royal wedding, wars, tsunami, twisters, and the death of a famous terrorists. So many things have happened in just 4 months..how do you cope with all these?

I've been well, telling myself everyday to live a productive and quality life, but sometimes can't maintain the quality part as I have to eat bread and walk home just to save up the cost of living. I'm actually earning enough, just that the way I manage my money is somehow weird in some others' eyes. First financial goal is almost there, maybe another 2 months since this month I'll be using some of it for a personal good cause. Can't wait for my Hong Kong trip which is arriving soon :D

Work. can't tell much. But I must write it down here so to remind myself over and over again that I must be humble, must be curious enough, and must let down my ego, because there is really so much to learn and so much mistakes that no matter what are unavoidable so that I can grow even better. That's why I must be humble, must be curious and mustn't let my ego takes over me. Yes I am humble enough, but at certain times the ego is there that makes me hard to accept the certain mistakes I've made. However I am blessed to have people who has trust in me, supported me, guide me. Truly blessed indeed. :)

Ok, let's talk about less formal topics.

"Thor" the movie, is unexpectedly enjoyable and entertaining. When I first watched the trailer, I thought it's just going to be another lame superhero super power random storyline CGI movie. It's just like how I felt after watching the trailer of "How to Train Your Dragon", and both movies turn out to be good.

Throughout the whole movie, from the start till the end, I never feel bored at all, unlike watching movies like "Red Riding Hood", which I have bad impression with. The story and the relationship between Thor and Jane might be a bit lack of depth and unconvincing, but the flow of the movie is so smooth and again, I say it, entertaining, and I was satisfied because the movie feels whole to me. It's just feel like you just drink finish a bottle of cold delicious liquid (imagine your fav drinks) on a hot sunny day, the liquid just flow so smoothly down your throat and makes you feel so good. Yea that's basically how I feel after watching "Thor" for 2 times. yes I watched it twice, first time with friend, and 2nd with sister. and pardon my description earlier if you think that's nonsense :P

The movie isn't that great great but not bad bad either. It's just a movie that I can watch over and over again because it is fun, and enjoyable, which is good.

Right, it's time for me to go to sleep because I still have to work on Saturday morning. haha... maybe more movies after work :)

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