Hi, how have you all been? Sorry I was in hiatus for way too long...used to be an avid blogger, but I think I have mentioned this before, everything is just happening so fast and it could be too many things in a day that the easiest way to express them are through Facebook, or twitter, or just rant to a friend close by.

Seriously these social media thingy is taking over our real social life. Hey wait, at least I still rant to friends. Socially active I still do. :)

I was finally free from any work tonight so thinking I should just use this time to properly lay out my thoughts, and happenings that occurred this month. Hectic no doubt. Flew back to hometown to attend one of my dearest cousins' wedding. A cousin whom I grow up with, who still takes care of me like her own sister. On the day she got married, and saw her mum cried, I cried too. I'm happy for her for she has found her happiness.

The trip back to Kuching was so rush that I didn't really get to fully rest peacefully at home, didn't get to eat any mum's cooking too as relatives and cousin's friends from KL, whom I also know, were there too and we ate out everyday. Still, Kuching food is the best!

It's been almost a year that I started working, and I started to ask myself, how do I feel. Once a while I miss the student days, when everything seemed so easy and carefree, and the only worry were the assignments. Now I've started working, I realized that it's not easy to be a working adult, and somehow it makes me feel good that I'm matured enough to take care of myself, to take responsibility in everything I do.

As for work, sure there are complaints, there are the feeling of injustice and sometimes I do feel like quitting the place. But come to think of it, I've managed all these throughout the year, been through working hell and survived. I have gained no big title nor progressing very far this year, as told by Guan Ying Niang Niang when I asked for my luck and fortune at the beginning of the year. However, no matter how bad the place or the working situation is, I believe they are the tests for me to become stronger and tougher in the field I'm in now, though the work sometimes doesn't feel rewarding at all, but I am grateful enough that I have these jobs to do, to make my life busy, to be able to gain experiences in both technical and social skills, and to mark that I am actually doing something that will eventually lead me towards success in the career I'm in.

I started to think that my English does deteriorate. Actually having some trouble to write my thoughts out smoothly.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that, don't whine, don't complain, I'm grateful to whatever I have or doing now. One year is almost over and I'm still healthy, has a job, has really great family, friends and also colleagues (who have also become my best buddies),  enough income to pay the rent, travel around, buying branded items and toys which I dreamt of having when I was still a student.

But yeah this doesn't mean that I'm satisfied and stop here. I'm still looking for a better place to work with, and better salary, but for now, this will do. :)

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