*deep breath*

It's going to be the last day of 2011. I know I've wrote about this almost every time, that I literally experience the meaning of 'time flies'. A year it has been that I've started working and it feels like just yesterday that I first stepped inside the office.

There are so many things I've experienced and so many kinds of people I've met in just one working year.  I get to know so much more about the field I'm in, the stuff I'm doing, my position, strengthen my skills in compositing, grabbing opportunities and chances, etc etc. For the first time I've met all kinds of people too: the best and the worst, the kindest to the meanest. All of them, different colors and different characteristics, and when people ask me, "what is the hardest thing you ever encounter in your working life", I'll always answer "dealing with different kinds of people".  True story, bro.

But then again meeting people is a good thing, and this year I'm happy to say that I have made new friends, which has now become some of my closest buddies that I can talk random, share some secrets, play game...basically friends that can do almost anything together (well, except going to the loo... ). We've been through happy moments, angry moments, sad moments, funny moments together in the office, and all these experiences have made our bond with each other become even stronger.

In terms of personal work performance, this year for me, is just plain and... nothing big occurred, and I'm okay with it since it's been predicted somehow when I asked for my fortune this year. This first year of my working life, I'm glad to say that at least I;ve utilized it fully to gain more knowledge of my field, and also sharping my skills, not to mention building a whole new social network as well.

Well honestly my 2011 is just passing by too fast that I really don't know how I should really 'reminisce' it like I always did when I was still a student. All I can say is that, my 2011. has been a massive roller-coaster ride. and lets all survive the new year :D


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