blabber blabla~~

wOot~!! It's Selamat Hari Raya~!!!! hahaha~~~ but it got nth to do with me. well...we got a week of holiday, at least :p i wish i can use this holiday to PLAY EAT SLEEP ONLINE TV MUSIC DESIGN!!!!! and unfortunately, i'm stuck with my history and biology book here T_T teacher said must study these two subjects first as they need time to memorise....

anyway, last night i had a really weird dream (note: this post is 'blabber') . i dreamt that i was at school (oh no!!) not having SPM lah...but running down the staircase with a whole lot bunch of ppl...and when i reached the ground floor, i was found looking for a pair of shoes that is my size, n the weather is VERY hot!! i kept on sweating~ thn my frens appeared (not tellin who they r). afterthat, i went to look for a WC to hav my face washed and get rid of the sweat. i went in the teacher's one, n saw Pro. McGonagall from Harry Potter!! O.o''' ok ok, besides her, i still saw a lot of little girls wearing very flowery clothes. i think they wre preparing for a concert or sth. anyway, so i washed my face, thn suddenly felt like shitting, so i found a decent cubicle to hav my business. but the height of the door was so low~~!! ppl could just see me shitting!!! noway~ so i canceled the idea of shitting and went back out the toilet. my frens and sum teachers were painting sum sort of vehicle using yellow paint just outside the toilet. so i joint them. sum minutes after that, the scene changed. we were like, at a long road side, many ppl were there, got lightbulb decorations and manypretty flowers. it was night time already. n thn our school principal appeared to giv sum bloody speech, n asked us to sing Birthday Song!!!! he even forced sum students to dance sum stupid trance dance~!!! n the music abit like the Tokyo Drift 'dengch dengch dengch~~' siao~~ n thn, got sth to eat...kinda forgot about this part..i just know that there's sth for all of us to eat....thn i woke up when my mum knocked on my door :0


wahahaha~ maybe it's the effect for studying history until 11++pm last night...=_=

OH~~ THIS SONG IS SO NICE~!!! (i think i'm getting a bit random here ...)

Lonely in Gorgeous~~

the photographer n the model is the same person called Larafairie, n believe me, she is just 17!!!!! O.o''' her deviantart homepage.

the music video is VERY WEIRD~ like me :D but the song is great~~ love the beats babeh~~


lianshen said...

a very nice dream..
ok let me think what the dream means

i think the dream asked u not to read more harry potter liaw
read more Devil Wears Prada or other books like sejarah or my blog www.lianshen.blogspo.com haha


eiChi said...

hahaha! ah san! u owez like to promote ur blog one boh~ haha~ klah klah, i'll take ur advice n read more of ur blog lah..but...nanti i dream of u n prostitute n kena ban thn how? lol~~ XD

jk jk :p

SOn said...

hahaha that is a pretty cool dream!! i would really enjoy and cannot wake up if got dream like that. i like the principal with the bloody speech part =D

eiChi said...

lol~! but i wana dream about been in the Bleach or D.Gray-man world XD n get myself a death note! nyahahahaha~~ this will be a really cool dream :p