end of Summer | Autumn is here

it's 15th of October.

SPM starts on the 15th of November.


hereby i announced that this blog will be on HIATUS from tomorrow onwards, until SPM is finished, which is on 4th of December.

you can still chat with me at my chatterbox though, as i'll still be checking my blog occasionally.

so, wish me all the best in my SPM! :D

to all of my form 5 friends :

你们也要加油唷! :)


see? even Gugu is reading....WAD? He's reading a mag! ()&^*&^$@^&%&%&#(^*&^%$!@!!!! *snatch the mag away n force a History book into his hands*

eiChi : Study THIS!
Gugu : O.O''' yes..mistress...


Mang Yik said...

You wont believe its me saying this but dont have to stress yourself too much ler.Life is not all about scoring for SPM.Just do your best.If others can,you can too!!!!!Just a few words from me.My mock exam result........no comment!!!!!Gugu is so cute.Sorry for what i did to its mouth.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

eiChi said...

MANG YIK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!


*Gugu quickly runs away n hide himself*

Muahahahahahahahaha~~ cant believe you'r here droppin a comment! ha! n i thought u'd be bz studying right now! lol~

i know i sudnt stress myself too much, n LIFE IS FOR-...for...err..SHOPPING N GETTIN COOL GADGETS!! or wadever =__= n yea, ur mock exam results, i'm dead sure that u got all A1s right? Nyaaaaa~~ keep up the good results gurl~

lianshen said...

To Miss Mangyik, u said something like this...
'Life is not all about scoring for SPM.'

then..life is about ? what ? haha
why u scored so well in ur mock..life is not about scoring =P

just kidding la..=)

Mr.Goober said...

lol..i just know your blog, and you'll be on hiatus?!

well good luck in your spm :) it's a another great challenge of life!

eiChi said...

hehehe~ boh bien, i'm a SPM candidate, wad to do? i must be like my sis oso, to get good grades init. so..pia pia PIA~~ weeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

i must not giv up!!! :D

Pink Cotton said...


*piak gugu*

still read magazines at this time?muahahaha

GOOD LUCK ya eichi!~~

im sure u can do it! :)

and gugu too..haha

eiChi said...

thank you~~~~ :D