The Last Party before 'Armageddon'

When? 12th October 2006
What time? 8.30 - 10.30 pm
Where? Satok Branch Pizza Hut
Who was there? Most of the 5I ppl + Miss Florence
Why the party? coz i'd won a RM200 pizza hut voucher from the Starnie Competition (my poster is one of the 50 merit prizes in d whole Malaysia) so i decided to 'chia' my classmates n at the same time, celebrate our beloved monitor - Priscilla's birthday!!! (

things you must know*

- Priscilla is the only one non-chinese in our class.
- Priscilla is the Princess of our class.
- Priscilla is a strong girl *dont be fooled by her petite looks*
- Priscilla mix well with all of us and is crazy sumtimes too! :D

i admire her :p we all do. tat's y i throw this special party for her n the rest of the class using my winning voucher. n i feel no regrets! nyaaaaa~~

*actually this party is also for Ruth as her birthday just falls one day after Pris's . but too bad for certain reasons she couldnt attend the party :( *

anyway, this is gona be a post with over 20++ photos. so..enjoy :p

we'll start of with the ..erm..still normal pics :p

yay~! it's Priscilla~~ *clap clap* she looks sweet right? :D

my Starnie Comepetition partners~!

oh yea~! PIZZAS!!!!!!!

*muahahaha~!! we always like to tease these two! nyahahaha~ since both of them are 5I's monitors~!*

thn is the BIRTHDAY cake~!

i paid for it u know? RM 48 leh~ X.X

anyway, Hapi~ BirfDei~~~~ XD

n thn...things were getting from naughty to crazy to dirty~! O.O'''

first, we 'forced' Allan to hold Pris's hand and cut the cake together! :D

*both of them are open-minded ppl, so they didnt mind doing it at all~! muahahaha!!!*

next~! we had our 5I 'trademark' done. we did this to almost every teacher tat comes into our class...

n thn this bunch of crazy ppl start to take photos like siao!! well..pictures speak louder thn words...

jason was getting ready with his cam...so was siang ling....

look!! :D!!!

wenli looks so CUTE~~~but...
aiyoh ar~~ this Marvin looks so..so...girly n gross at the same time arr~~ no doubt he's handsum lah~ everyone wana take photos with him. for eg.

okok. enuf of Marvin with his 'couples'. NOTE : EVERYTHING IS JUST AN ACT*

thn, came the nasty n naughty part. n we'd no idea tat Miss florence is actually even crazier n wicked thn the 3 musketeers of our class!!!! O.o''' oh, btw. Miss florence is our substitute BM teacher for about 2 months. she's from St Tre and only 23 this year :D AND SHE IS SCARY WHEN SHE'S HIGH AND 'TIPSY'!!!

this was how the naughty and nasty thing started... well..siang ling's mushroom soup got 'polluted' by Aylwin with lots of peppers n cheese powder, until it turned from a lovely milky colour into a..erm..chocolate-ish color....so we were actually thinking of how to get rid of this soup when...came this two devils!!

these two with the help of Cindy had thought of a wicked way to pull our legs. ..X.X

according to them, the selected person must do a task. n if we fail to do it, we will hav to drink the soup. but thn Miss florence thought tat the soup was not...'shitty' enuf...so........


thn the soup bcome sth like this...

she tasted it herself first...

THN ADDED IN A BREADSTICK!!!!(^&&*^$@$E^#!!!


the first task was given to Allan n Pris. they want them to eat just one spaghetti together! u know..like wad the dogs did in the cartoon "Lady and the Tramp"...but Pris refused. well..since she's the birthday girl, we didnt want to force her. instead, Miss Florence helped Allan chose another partner to complete his given task. n she pointed ME! O.O'''' swt...i'd rather drink the soup (u call tat a SOUP???) so as Allan. b4 tat, Jason came n i thought he's gona rescue me. he drank a tiny of the soup, thn sed: "woah~ not bad leh!" thn wnet away. i know he's lying about the taste =__=

aiyah~ just imagine it as a Fear Factor challenge. only tat i got no 50000 dollars to be won XD ..

look at my expression... :S
next was Allan's turn

trust me, the taste was even worse thn a rotten egg. it was so DISGUSTING i almost throw out everything i ate last night! X.X


they decided to just abandon the soup and played on others instead. such as :

see how crazy they r? @.@
i was one of the victim oso!

at least sumone was feeding me ice-cream. alot better thn the first task they gav me -___-''' *i look so ugly in the photo!!! i wana change my hairstyle liaw~ MUST!! after SPM!! hehe* oh BTW!!! YULI!!!! PLZ DONT BE ANGRY!!!! I'M SURE JASON WOULD RATHER FEED U !!! THIS IS JUST A FAKERY!!! MUAHAHA~!!! GO GO JASON N YULI~!!!!! XD

n the HIGHLIGHT of the NIGHT!!!!

*sorrylah, jason. i couldnt held myself but to post it up XD but we all know it's fake*

mayb i sud just make the pic real small...hehehe


thn there were more crazy acts and photos but i'm too lazy to post them up. in short. THE NIGHT WAS HIGH!!!! everyone was lafing so hard n the whole floor of Pizza Hut was ours!!! lol!!! i dont think the staff there would mind lah...i know we were very loud...but wad can u expect from a bunch of 17++ teenagers. we just wana hav FUN!!!

so in the end. b4 we all went home *sum went home earlier* at 10.30 pm, we took the last photos for the night...

well...i really hav no regrets usin my voucher to throw this party, the last party b4 starting our xtra preparations for upcoming war :) we needa relax, n enjoy life to the fullest!
it's worth it. everything :) the amazing frens, the fun, the craziness, the 'idiot-ness' XD hiakhiakhiakhiak~! n etc etc etc.


*phew~ this post is long, right? haha*


wenLi said...

*Rans off like a fugitive and hides before someone beats me up*
lol..so funny!!!
can I have the photos too...hmm..maybe i'll grab em later..I'm so lazy now.
Anyway, enjoyed ur post it was really funny. :D
I looked like a cat. HMMM..

jimmychin said...

aiyo.. now i know pizza hut can play until tat. so many ppl celebrate birthday with priscilla.. my highest record is about 10 ppl only... eeee... u guys win... haha... ohya... the guy called "Jason" look like my friend... but not him la... wakkakaa

eiChi said...

@helibely : yaya~! i'd collected nearly all the photos! but the CD is with Allan now. u can ask from him! hehehehe~ tat night was fun right? muahahahahahaha~!

@jimmychin : hehe~ 10 ppl not bad liaw lah~ next year make it even bigger lah :p make it like a gathering for all ur old school frens! (^_^)

Mr.Goober said...

i must say..
*snicker* the soup scene is hilarious!

eiChi said...

hehehehe...those frens of mine r just too wicked n insane! haha~ i kinda forget how the soup taste like though...i just know it taste like sth between horrible n DEADLY XD

lianshen said...

if u can have the ah san there..the pizza hut will be in a mess lolz.

why dont u ppl juz ask whether i will go..and i will 100% agree haha !!!!

eiChi said...

adui~ yaloh hor~ next time u must tag along liaw~ u can be like the Monkey King n turn the whole Pizza Hut upside down! muahahahahahaha~

jimmychin said...

my old sch friends... dunno where r there now.. never mind la.. not important too... :P

lianshen said...

lol..jimmychin..frens are important..when u are old enough like ..88 years old...u will laugh when u laugh at your nerd nerd frens and smile and u look at the girlS u ever fell in love..yeah..


eiChi said...

haha, this time i agree wif ah san XD old school frens r still part of ur life. :p n ah san ar..u got rely good imagination hor? not bad not bad. this means u enjoy ur life well :)

jimmychin said...

lianshen, i know friends are important, i have my new friend now. All of secondary sch;s friend all go study... and leave few of us at kuching so better go find new friend... wakaka

eichi, u also my friend ma.. net friend -> friend :)