I feel good~ :D

Nyaaaaa~~ most of us screwed our chemistry paper 2! haha! asked so many 'suku' stuff, all very unexpected and confusing one! but thn paper 3 came to the rescue! couldnt believe my eyes when i saw the question for experiment! waha! so darn happy right now! :p

*chucks my chemistry books into the tong*

yesh! tong increases 10 kg!

go go study Moral so that can watch TV tonight! Ha!

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan~~~~~ :DDDD


YeonG said...

muahaha.. chemistry paper 3... muahaha sup sup water.. but paper 2 sweat.. but still ok la! hahazz

eiChi said...

yaloh...dont care liaw lah. over liaw~ holidays soooon! haha!