SPM has come and is going soooooooooooooooooooooon :)


tired of chewing up the books, tired of fillin up my brain with formulae and other info as much as possible, tired of thinking, tired of writing, tired of everyday wake up facing another paper from hell...and the blazing HOT weather nearly dehydrated me, making me feel like a dead fish when i was answering the questions. physics questions somemore....=_= damn the hot weather....

*splash splash bath bath bubbles bubbles!*


one more stack of books had been thrown into the big 'tong'! muahaha! (Hilary sed he wana open up a party on the night of 4th Dec and together we can burn up all those books! Muaha! principal knot catch us anymore~ n the environment won;t say anything to us! ha! but we all know that he's just joking :p)

ok ok, so how's my add maths and physics papers? lets see...MT paper one..not bad...got confidenceto score really well...hey! i finally figured out how to solve all those 3 logaritma questions!!! nyahaha!! so happy :D i used to get all those questions wrong last time!!! but then when it came to paper 2, i forgot how to solve some easy questions such as the fungsi one...and also the taburan binomial....grrr....but who cares? it's over! wweeeeee~~

then this morning..wait..is..this whole day, we had physics. and with the company of HOT weather....i'm very grateful that i still survive from this insane 'war'. really, i was thinking of tearing the paper apart when i was havin the paper 3 this afternoon O.o'''. anyway...paper 1? it was so much easier thn those i'd did in tuition, even my frens sed so! i'm the first to come out of the classroom, 25 mins earlier :) followed by sum of my frens. but sumhow i regretted it when i found out that i had 3 mistakes. one was careless mistake, one was...i thought i knew but actually didnt =_=..n the other one was...got confused with the answers given :p but it's just 3! no harm done! hehe! until the evil murderer of physics paper 2 came ..... we were all so shocked to see they asked about daya paduan thingy as we didnt expect that to come out! n i think i lost 6 - 8 marks out of 10 from that question.....sux. the others were still ok for me. n i'm actually very happy that i know how to answer the perintang peka cahaya and also the teleskop thingy! nyaaaa~~ :D as for paper 3..lidat lor..i did two experiments..just in case one doesnt turn up really well ..hehe :p

tomorrow is chemistry..one of the subjects that i hate most..n sux most =_=''' but i'd did many many many many many exercises during the last few weeks n had revised it many many many times....it'll really be a miracle for me if i can understand n answer the questions asked. :)

well, enuf of blogging! time to recharge my energy for tomorow's war! zzzzzzzzzzzz

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