random stuff : PLKN

the PLKN list is out! don't worry, i'm not selected la~ even if i do, i can show them my OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) ID and they will release me~ Muahaha! (when i told this thing to Milton, our class very quiet n shy genius, sed he oso want the ID too, coz he got selected =_=) most of my frens are placed in either the 1st or 2nd batch...the 3rd batch one...just duno who they r..hehe :p

izit a good thing or a bad thing to be selected? i duno. it depends on the person who is going. personally i think it'll be a very good experience for us all la. u know, u can actually play around with guns (Hilary's fav =_=''' n lucky him got selected, bt he thinks joinin this is wasting his percious time), do all sorts of dangerous stuff, build up ur muscles, etc etc. but somehow i also agree with Hil. this PLKN business is quite 'gei liaw'. i mean, it's just 3 months! for those who got placed in the 1st batch are really the lucky ones, coz they start their training on January and ends at March. after that, they can either start theit uni life or do sumthing else. as for those who are placed in the 2nd or 3rd batch, i 'kolien' them. they'll hav to wait for a few months or even a year (esp the 3rd batch, wic starts at June n ends at Sept) . the training time for them is very 'alang-alang'. they cant go to uni yet n even if they do, i heard that they must leave their studies n come back for the training. *tut* la.

hyuu~ hyuuuu~~ so happy that i'm free from this! for those who got selected, i wish you all the best (sounds like Putit..) and enjoy the training. n to Clement@Chouji, must loose some weight after PLKN arr~ u promised urself one. lolz :p

Add Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Moral and Bio are the only 5 subjects left! must really gambate o! last exams of our highschool days :) FULL SPEED AHEAD~~

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