warriors~ prepare your brains and pens !!

ehto....i know i should be studying right now...but...i just can't stuff anything inside my 'brain-disk' today anymore~~T_T it has reached its limit, and i have to defragment it by having a looong hour sleep. let my brain cleans up itself :p


the only entertainment i have now are watching animes....half an hour a day...either BLEACH, D.Gray-man, DeathNote, or Ranma 1/2. other than that, i eat.study.sleep with my earphones stick to my ears. i need music to cover up all the other unmusical sound, such as cats meowing or football commentations =_= yea yea, these days i study and do my revisions in the living room. why living room but not my own room you ask? 'coz living room has NO COMPUTER and BED!!! if i lock myself in my room to study...yea you know what will happen. maybe you say that the TV in the living room is even worse, but the 'TV' spell doesnt work on me, muahahaha~! i'll just have to press my earphones to my ears and i'm in the world of my own~ i don care if my mum is squealing beside me when she watches those Korean or wadever soap operas :) n OH MY GOSH~~~ i saw that yucky 'Pei Yong Jun' face on the TV the previous night!!! *horrorstruck* O.o''' but good oso la since the sight of him gav me the boost to continue study even harder :p

i'd also been going to school for the whole week even though our 'beloved' principal had announced the 'study leave' day. why? coz if i didnt do that, i'd be waking up at 9 am every mornin and only start to study at 10am +_= it's not just me who went to school, but most of my classmates too. the whole form 5 block was eerily quiet except for our class :) nearly 10 people from my class went to school everyday, including me. one of them even started to bring a portable mini Hi-Fi on the 2nd day so that we could listen to our favourite songs while stuying. we'd also invited our history teacher to come to our class and taught us important facts again!!! :D

ggaarrh..time flies...3 days till SPM....and the first paper is chinese. i'm taking a very big risk on the chinese paper 1 though, the essay part. bcoz i'm going to write imaginative story, not those fakta-fakta one. they all say it's very difficult to get a high mark if you write a story, unless ur story is very unique and interesting. well...i always have a way to do it. usually i write emotional stories..so...i guess it'll be ok. damn~ i'm really taking a big risk here~!!! O.O''

nvm, i believe i can do it, since you must have confidence first b4 you can achieve anything.

ok, my post shall end here~! see you guys in the future~! :D


faye said...

ok i know it sounds weird putting this here but....your english really improved a lot since you started ur blog. ^^ jia you woh!!!!!

eiChi said...

really~~??? thank u thank u~~ i'm so happy~~ but still very bad if compared to urs la :p me still hav a lot to learn :)

lianshen said...

how about my english , faye ?
i think my english Dis-improve lolz
i hope i will improve one day =)

well..eichi..u can take risk but make sure the risk is ''take-able" haha

eiChi said...

lalalalala~~~ FEAR FACTOR!!!! MUAHAHAHA~~~

faye said...

youse all english rocks!!!!i mean, like compared to my level of chinese...:P