Happy '冬至' Day~!!

finally...after waiting for two years...I CAN TASTE MY FAV 汤圆!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i couldnt eat last year coz my grandma passed away...T_T .....

btw sis, are u drooling right now? muahahahaha~~ piyo piyo~~

anyway, so i went to the temple with my father this morning...wait. it's 12.45 am now...should be yesterday morning...great..=_=
oh well, yesterday morning. we went to the temple to pray pray and visit my grandparents....let them hav a taste the 汤圆 i made :) nyaaaaaa~~ hope they liked it ^.^~*

sumtimes i do wonder why o why we chinese need to eat 汤圆 during this festival....mother told me that at China there, 冬至 is the day when the weather is at the most murderous one, below 0'C duno how many celcius. but why the 汤圆?? i just dont get it! O.o''' i really wana know the legend of this festival...but i'm lazy to google it. can anyone tell me?

ok, here are sum photos i took at the temple there, while me n papa were waiting patiently for my granparents to enjoy the food.

this temple is sumwhere at Padungan there...
neh..this one...
erm...the 灵碑 of the ancestors...
i just took this for fun. the interior of the temple...i love this kinda old building..
and my papa was bz putting the food!!! :D he's fat.....=_=

ok, on Thursday night, i went for a another dinner with my tuition friends, which also attended by our tuition teacher :D this tuition centre is Pusat Tuition Proaktif. teacher is Mr Voon. n i went there for 3 subjects > add maths, chemistry and physics. n he's a good teacher!!! weeee~~ really glad that my chemistry had improved after attending his tuition class :p gona visit him during CNY liaw, n ask ang pow from him! even though he hvnt married! :D

btw, where did we had the dinner...it's at ....
yup yup, Room 205, Padungan there. haha! not wad Hotel room lah aiyo~~

teacher sed he'd be a bit late n asked us to order our own food first. well...i ordered a Chicken Lagsana, costs me RM 9.90....T_T but hu cares? it's not like everyday i'm gona eat this stuff :)
here is my food. very big plate...

next. DRINK!!! i was immediately looking for sum Hot Chocolate like the one at Magenta there..(i love Hot Chocolate drink, yummy) but to my disappointment. no T_T so i looked at others instead....n thn i saw sum drinks which cost around RM 8.50. n those are all mixed juices that were imported from Aussie...n *lightbulb*

me : erm, hey waiter~
waiter : yes miss?
me: do these drinks come with glass bottle, the one that we customers can keep?
waiter : well, yes. if u want to keep the bottle, u may miss.
me : hmm..thn...can u take each of every of them (i meant the drinks) to let me see. i wanna see how the bottles look like :p
waiter : *looked confused* ok miss.

Muahahaha~~ i choose the bottle not the drink!!! muahahahaha~~ i wana drink the one that has the most unique design from the others. buahahaha~~~ so the waiter came after tat, holding all the diff bottles (erm..drinks) on a tray for me to choose ;p n i chose this
bcos it looks sophisticated and well...got the country like feel. hehe. n it's called Ame (japanese, means rain) the drink tasted so wonderful. i mean, it's made from diff herbs and the smell is nice :) it's not too sweet and not too weird...glad i'd chosen this one. hahahaha~ one more bottle added into my collection!! wheeeeeee~~

oh well i didnt take much pics bcoz i was bz eating. in fact, i didnt take any pictures of me with my frens at all!!! even with the teacher! dang X.X
these are my 3 buddies...sharing an ice-cream. Cindy on the left, Boonlee@Helibely in the middle and the last one is Siang ling.
the other girls with my teacher inside! wheeee~~ anyone hu has siblings and is looking for a tuition centre for form 4/5 subjects, just tell me n i'll giv u the tuition centre phone number! the tuition centre is located near Jalan Angsana :) opposite GRSS

okok, i need to sleep now. it's 1.18 am already. aaaah~~ i cant be like Hilary hu can stay awake the whole night until the next morning, just playing pc games. O.o''' i just cant be like him... i need sleep...


Mang Yik said...

Eichi,ur party marathon almost over liao!!!!Haha.i will design a cert for u to certify that u have completed the marathon safely.Haha!!!!!Hmm... just wait ya!I will mail it to u.I feel so sad to leave u guys.Want to go out the last time before everybody leaves for NS and studies????i.e. me,faye,hilary and all those.ermm... after christmas???like a perpisahan. oh no!!!!surely going to be too mengharukan!!!!

eiChi said...

haha! yalor, one more left. that's the priscilla one. n r u really gona make me a cert? haha! thnx lor thnx lor! i want my name to be big big one on top ar! muahaha! hmm..after christmas...SURE!! just find a time thn we go out again. :D

hibiscus said...

OH SHOOT I FORGOT ABT THE DINNER!!!! TOOOOOOT! eh any way i can pay mrvoon the money i owe him????? i forgot to pay him lar.