argh..too many different things happened in just two days. duno how to put them together...bcoz the mood for sum happenings are quite different. =_='' maybe i should write them down separately.

lets start with the happy one :)


i think i mentioned this in my last post. anyway, eager to see my baby pic?


cute cute CUTE?????!!!

i know i know. i'm very cute. n chubby too. not to mention, very attractive also! nyahahaha~! *continues to stare at myself for 5 long minutes*

okok. enuf. wana see more? :D


omg...i almost sound like Huges-san from Fullmetal Alchemist right now O.o''' he's one of the main character hu always shows his daughter's pic around!

alright. i just wana show u guys how happy that i finally got my own scanner, coz i can scan my artworks into the PC n edit them using photoshop~!!! :DDD

click this link > my deviantart . it'll lead you to my deviantart account, n there, u can enjoy my drawings :p n there''ll be more to come after i get a digicam tomorrow :P weeee~~~~ PIKOM PC Fair~ here i come! XD

another happy one: MangYik's birthday party~!!! :DDD

the birthday girl.

MangYik just turned 17 yesterday~ congrats to her! finally can go n learn how to drive! n it's after SPM too! so lucky lar~! so i went to her house for the party last night. i thought she invited most of th 5J ppl, but it turned out that she only invited a few - Jabez, Hilary, the Tan twins, Isabelle, Terry, Faye, Jerusha, n the non-5J - me, Gloria n Charlotte. however, IT WAS SO FUN LAST NIGHT! haha! even Pn Foo (mangyik's mom, oso our form 2's science teacher) is also very cute! hehehe :p she chia us the mango she planted n also bought us sum wines. yaya, i drank wine for the first time yesterday!!! :D eventhough the wines (btw, it's grape wine, n oso orange wine) are cheaplak onela, but they taste gooood~~ :DDD i wana try sumore in the future~!!! XD not the Vodka type lah, the normal one..like red wine, good for health one ^.^

so during the party, we all sang 'Happy Birthday' song to her *duh*... cut the cake..took pictures n video...pour out the wine...n i suggested them to do our 5I 'trademark' -- 'Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem'!!!! :D n Jerusha's sound amplitud is so BIG! O.o'''' i was standing beside her when we 'yam sem' n omg! my plan to 'yam sem' kuat kuat n long long failed~~~ XD n when we watched the video after that, it was Jerusha's voice all the time, n her actions so 'qiang jing'! haha! very funny lah :p too bad she went home earlier, or else it'd be more fun. but nvm, we still hav Hil there. haha!his words are always very funny but sarcastic at times! hehehe~ love to hav him around!

after that, me, mangyik, faye, hil, charlotte n mangyik's little cute-but-violent cousin (he loves to throw stuff at ppl, really! i witnessed b4!O.o''') decided to play a card game called 'BullShit'...well...this is wad they told me =_= ehem...as i'm sux at explainin stuff, u guys can just go ask faye (if u can find her) for the game instructions....hehe....

ok, so here are sum of the pics we took last night!

left to right: Terry, Mangyik, Jerusha n me

Josephine helping out with the candles..

hilary 'duff' with his cam...with Josephine n Gloria at the back.

me..n tat's Hil's hand..trying to punch me..=_=

mangyik, faye n me while charlotte at the back~!
3rd happy one: Kokphin's Party~~~

n he's house is HUGE O.o''' n he has 3 dogs!!! one sausage dog, one nig black terrier (izit the correct spellin?) n another big duno wad breed dog!!!! n they are all so CUTE~~~ XDDD n he's girlfriend is pretty!! true true! i love her skin! so fair n smooth~! n his lil bro is so cute too...n his sister is a pretty lady....n he didnt tell us that the party was actually a birthday party for his sister =_= we all felt so paiseh when we arrived there..coz we brought nth for his sister! O.O''' n kokphin sed that he just need our stomachs to finish the food! O.o'''

oh yea, the food they ordered were delicious~! :D got satay too! yummy! too bad that i couldnt finish all of them coz my tummy was too full X.x n kokphin's dad kept asking us 5I ppl to hav a second round for the food.

not all of the 5I went just now...most of them already went for vacation...so just me, ruth, siang ling, helibely, ooitche, cai yan, wanhui, sharina, jason, houkee, terrence, kenneth, aylwin, priscilla n...i think that's all ^.^''' but anyway, we still hav a lot of fun chit chatting together, just like when we're in the class (gosh, i miss those days ~.~) everyone is just so funny n adorable..hiakhiakhiak! thn we took pics..quite alot...helibely gona send them over tomorow...very early in the mornin :p will post them up when i get them :D

the party ended quite early, compared to Aylwin;s party. all of us started to go home at 9.30pm. after saying good bye to kokphin n his family, kenneth, hou kee, sharina, siang ling n ruth went to watch Casino Royal after that, while me n terrence 'lompang' kenneth's car home (both of our parents do not approve of kids hanging out in town till midnight =_=)

phew~ 3 down, 3 more parties to go! .......swt.......

*Lonely in Gorgeous~ yeah~ Party time~ i'm breakin my heart~..*

all these parties remind me of this song X.X but NOT that i'm really breakin my heart la~ duh. just that the song got the word 'party' in it.

*edited 9th Dec*
ok! so here are sum of the pics!

KokPhin the host! :D

the Foood~! :DD

the Family of 5I + one 5F :p


woOt! another Happy 'feet'!!! : my MSN frens from around the Globe~~

after months n months of not chatting with my frens in the internet, i felt really really GREAT when i chat with my msn pals again! esp those i knew them from ClubBleach Forum (it's a forum for BLEACH fanatics btw) n the rest of the Fab 5!!!! :DDD wonder wad is Fab 5? well, i got to kow these great ppl from the forum - Eli-kun from Israel, Thelindra-chan from Sinagpore, Chiaki-chan from KL, n Chouji@clement from Sg.Maong, Kch :p

since December last year, we always chatted on9, make fun of each other, tok craps..from BLEACH stuff to perverted stuff..anything!!! n together the 5 of us 'conquered' the forum last time :p so we decided to call ourselves the Fab 5! muahaha! Eli-kun also creates a fanfiction about the 5 of us being the shinigami (death god) like BLEACH. n now he's workin on chapter 9! :D

n now, finally SPM is over, i can chat together with them again! n also other ppl in msn! really really feel so happy :DDDD~~~ it's amazing u know? to have sum frens from other countries n still keep in touch with each other no matter what happens! love them all so much! XD


ok...now comes the...erm..'bluish' part....

i'm confused again. guess i'm not so determined at all.

it's about my future. the path that i'm gona take. yes i know that i tok about wanting to become an animator before, but after discussing this issue with my sis, i start to doubt about it again. will it lead me to the life i want? will it lead me to endless opportunities in the future? will it lead me to big sum of money?

i need to reconsider everything again. i did a research online this morning, looking for suitable universities that situated in KL so that it'll be easier for me since now my sis lives there. n also the courses n i'm interested in. but..i duno...in my head there's only the word 'design' keeps on circling round n round. i must hav other options other thn art n design.

in the end, no satisfied result for the universities.. n as for the courses...i;m kinda interested in mass communication. i can be journalist, but that means i need to hav strong language skills n be alert always. or maybe i can be a creative director, which covers almost everything i like - deisgn, multimedia, planning n so on. what about multimedia specialist? gah...sis, quickly get back to KL so that i can discuss this again with u! (she's now at Singapore...)

my parents always wanted me to be a lawyer. as it's a professional job, n the money u'll earn if u're lawyer is like...woah!! alright, if they really want me to be a lawyer, ok. im fine with it, as long as u let me be like Reese in 'Legally Blonde' , as in, not the toooo formal n 'dead wood' type. but will i survive in the end if i choose this?

i think i'll be in either design or mass com field. these are the only choices that i want. the others are a 'no no' for me.

i need to do summore research again, n better be quick.


*switch back to happy mode*

wee~~ finally got this pic scanned n colored in photoshop! yesh!

ok! this is quite a long post n i hope u guys wont get bored with it..hehe.... finally i'd finish this post, so let me do sth else, ok? :p gona make myself a new siggy for ClubBleach Forum n edit sum photos. ciaoz~~ :D

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